A total of 10 winners were crowned with gold this weekend at the 2023 Chicago Pro
Doug Murray

The 2023 Chicago Pro, the biggest contest taking place this weekend, took over Chicago, Illinois from July 21-22. This show was an Olympia qualifier for this year’s blockbuster show and featured athletes from ten divisions: Men’s Open, 212 Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Women’s Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Women’s Physique, and Wellness. 

To secure their place in the Mr. Olympia competition, the most prestigious event of the year, competitors must qualify by Oct. 9. But this year, they have less time and fewer opportunities to acquire a qualification, making it harder than ever to reach the ultimate stage. Last year’s Chicago Pro champion, Antoine Vaillant, has opted not to compete this year. Therefore, a new champion will be crowned in the Open class.

Fans were excited to see some of their favorite Open bodybuilders back on stage this weekend. Blessing Awodibu was one of them. ‘The Boogieman’ was determined to bring his best to guarantee his spot at Olympia. However, the Open lineup was stacked with other big names making splashes, such as 2023 Arnold Classic finisher Patrick Moore and the highly-touted Justin Shier. Stanislas ‘Stanimal’ de Longeauxalso also jumped in with the intention of earning his Olympia invite.

Check out the results of the 2023 Chicago Pro below: 

2023 Chicago Pro Winners

  • Men’s Open: Justin Shier
  • 212 Bodybuilding: Chris Jones
  • Classic Physique:  Marcus Perry
  • Men’s Physique: Drew Cullen
  • Women’s Bodybuilding: Kristina Mendoza
  • Bikini: Savannah Dolezal
  • Figure: Autumn Cleveland
  • Fitness: Jodi Boam
  • Women’s Physique: Danielle LaMartina
  • Wellness: Danai Theodoropoulou

2023 Chicago Pro Results

Men’s Open

The Men’s Open class saw a few men leap into title contention early at the Chicago Pro on day two. After prejudging rounds concluded, most fans saw the contest close with three men leading: Stanislaus de ‘Stanimal’ Longeux, Jonathan DeLaRosa, and Justin Shier.

All three men brought exceptional conditioning. Shier’s deeply separated quads were a standout feature that got the judge’s attention quickly. DeLaRosa brought arguably his best look to date and used the stage effectively to show off his strengths.

‘Stanimal’ has kept an active schedule as of late. He last competed at the 2023 Orlando Pro, where he took third place. Conversely, Jonathan DeLaRosa hasn’t competed in a while. His last show came in third at the 2020 New York Pro. This event served as Justin Shier’s first IFBB Pro show of his career and he made the most of it with a huge victory. DeLaRosa finished runner-up with ‘Stanimal’ finishing third, and Blessing Awodibu placed fourth.

  • Winner — Justin Shier
  • Second Place — Jonathan DeLaRosa
  • Third Place — Stanislaus de Longeaux
  • Fourth Place — Blessing Awodibu
  • Fifth Place — Patrick Moore
  • Sixth Place — Eiren Gauley
  • Seventh Place — Matt Kouba
  • Eighth Place — Erik Ramirez
  • Ninth Place — Emmanuel Longoria
  • Tenth Place — Stephen Daniels

212 Bodybuilding

Fans were screaming by the time the 212 athletes made it to the stage on Friday night. Jason Nguyen and Chris Jones were in the running for first as many took notice of their size and detailed conditioning. The endurance of both competitors held up following a number of exhausting comparisons.

Jason Nguyen was last seen in action at the 2022 NPC North American Championships where he finished first. Jones, on the other hand, tested his on-stage abilities at last year’s 2022 Amateur Olympia in Orlando when he took first place. Both men brought their A-game, but eventually, Chris Jones got the job done and earned his ticket to 2023 Olympia. 

Jason Nguyen put on a show in second place, while Mohamed Embaby and Kevin Johnson picked up third and fourth honors.

  • Winner — Chris Jones
  • Second Place — Jason Nguyen
  • Third Place — Mohamed Embaby
  • Fourth Place — Kevin Johnson
  • Fifth Place — Yumon Eaton
  • Sixth Place — Jordan Janowitz
  • Seventh Place — Francisco Mercado Jr.
  • Eighth Place — Peter Burmester
  • Ninth Place — Ivan Cabrera
  • Tenth Place — Devon Causey

Classic Physique

With the winner of this contest set to face Chris Bumstead on the Olympia stage, competitors got straight to business on stage. The level of competition in Classic Physique was extremely high. Prejudging and the finals were busy with comparisons as Matthew Greggo and Marcus Perry commanded center stage. They both brought dry conditioning and spectacular upper bodies.

Matthew Greggo has led a busy season thus far. His last competition saw him take fourth at the 2023 Lenda Murray Atlanta Pro last weekend. Perry, meanwhile, last stepped on stage in 2022 at the Olympia contest but didn’t place. Following a nail-biter finals round, Marcus Perry earned first place. Matthew Greggo finished second with Krimo Ammari and Dylan Bursey rounding out the third and fourth positions.

  • Winner — Marcus Perry 
  • Second Place — Matthew Greggo
  • Third Place — Krimo Ammari
  • Fourth Place — Dylan Bursey
  • Fifth Place — Tony Coke
  • Sixth Place — Gregory Dawson
  • Seventh Place — Robert Waterhouse
  • Eighth Place — Jerark Toribio Perez
  • Ninth Place — Anthony Barbera III
  • Tenth Place — Patryk Karpuk

Men’s Physique

Competitors from Men’s Physique brought heavy artillery to Chicago. During the prejudging rounds and the finals, Nick Koeu and Drew Cullen emerged as frontrunners. Both men enjoyed pops from the crowd after turning to back shots. Cullen last saw a stage at the 2023 Vancouver Pro, where he turned in a solid third-place showing. Koeu, however, was the defending Chicago Pro champion, having claimed gold in 2022. His last contest saw him perform on the Olympia stage but he didn’t place.

After a few comparisons, Drew Cullen picked up the victory. Koeu settled for silver, with Kirmani Victor and Alonzo Jefferson taking third and fourth.

  • Winner — Drew Cullen
  • Second Place — Nick Koeu
  • Third Place — Kirmani Victor
  • Fourth Place — Alonzo Jefferson
  • Fifth Place — Jahvair Mullins
  • Sixth Place — Benjamin Iverson
  • Seventh Place — Montae Bailey
  • Eighth Place — Alexander Toplyn
  • Ninth Place — Joaquim Camps Angel
  • Tenth Place — Alexander Rogers

Women’s Bodybuilding

In Women’s Bodybuilding, competitors delivered an exciting round of comparisons. During prejudging and the finals, Jessica E Martin and Kristina Mendoza stood out. They both displayed impressive shoulders and even better lower bodies.

Martin is a proven force in the Women’s Bodybuilding category. Her last show came at the 2023 Optimum Classic Pro in ninth place. She always comes to battle on stage and tonight was no different. Another top threat, Kristina Mendoza was out to play. She last competed at Chicago Pro two years ago (2021) where she finished runner-up. In the end, Mendoza secured her first Chicago Pro title and qualified for this year’s Olympia. Jessica E. Martin ended the show in second. 

In addition, Melissa Teich and Kyna Squarey took third and fourth, respectively.

  • Winner — Kristina Mendoza
  • Second Place — Jessica E. Martin
  • Third Place — Melissa Teich
  • Fourth Place — Kyna Squarey
  • Fifth Place — Wendy Sanchez
  • Sixth Place — Maria Monica Vega


With an Olympia qualification hanging in the balance, the Bikini division was on fire Saturday. Prejudging was packed with some exciting moments but it was Lizzie Martinez and Savannah Dolezal who found themselves leading the pack in the finals.

Lizzie Martinez last graced the stage at the 2023 Lenda Murray Atalanta Pro, where she picked up fifth place. Dolezal, meanwhile, tested her talents at the same show Martinez competed at, only she took fourth place in Atlanta. They ran it back this weekend and both competitors shined. By the end of the night, Savannah Dolezal secured the victory. Martinez ended the contest in second with Adair Libbrecht and Ashley Hampton following in third and fourth.

  • Winner — Savannah Dolezal
  • Second Place — Lizzie Martinez
  • Third Place — Adair Libbrecht
  • Fourth Place — Ashley Hampton
  • Fifth Place — Katiuska Gintilli
  • Sixth Place — Fallon A. Wainwright
  • Seventh Place — Liana Giannamore
  • Eighth Place — Mary Ann Parks
  • Ninth Place — Kateryna Kauffmann
  • Tenth Place — Tatiana Lanovenko


Day two of the Chicago Pro picked up with a ton of action in the Figure category. Prejudging rounds and the finals saw a few competitors make splashes on stage, though fans and the judges certainly took notice of Adela Ondrejovicova and Autumn Cleveland. They both were great posers but also brought slim waists, excellent v-tapers, and eye-catching muscularity.

Ondrejovicova entered this show riding sky-high on hype and momentum. She brought arguably the best package of her career at the recent 2023 Lenda Murray Atlanta Pro, where she took home the Figure title. Cleaveland, however, displayed great balance and superb conditioning at her last show, where she narrowly earned second at the 2023 Vancouver Pro. Leaving no doubt with the judges, the Figure title was awarded to Autumn Cleveland. Ondrejovicova took second. Edith Driver and Shanice Abrams finished third and fourth.

  • Winner — Autumn Cleveland
  • Second Place — Adela Ondrejovicova
  • Third Place — Edith Driver
  • Fourth Place —  Shanice Abrams
  • Fifth Place —  Danielle Rose
  • Sixth Place — Nelly Gonzalez
  • Seventh Place — Ashley Radiance Fuller
  • Eighth Place — Lena Johannesen
  • Ninth Place — Erica Freneey
  • Tenth Place — Ayra Bahar


In a division that requires physical fitness and a stellar physique, athletes from the Fitness category took no chances with their routines. That was the case on Friday, as Noemie Champagne-Cloutier and Jodi Boam cemented themselves as frontrunners with great balance and conditioning.

Noemie Champagne-Cloutier tested herself at last weekend’s 2023 Vancouver Pro, where she finished fifth amongst a stacked lineup. Additionally, Jodi Boam was a woman on a mission this weekend. She brought one of her best looks to date and previously finished third in Figure at the recent 2023 Toronto Pro Supershow. Though it was close on the scorecards, Jodi Boam cemented herself as the 2023 Chicago Pro Fitness champ. Noemie Champagne-Cloutier settled for runner-up with Sarah Kovach and Anna Fomina finishing third and fourth.

  • Winner — Jodi Boam
  • Second Place — Noemie Champagne-Cloutier
  • Third Place — Sara Kovach
  • Fourth Place — Anna Fomina
  • Fifth Place — Annaleise Varga
  • Sixth Place — Aurika Tyrgale
  • Seventh Place — Layla Mikayla
  • Seventh Place — Layla Mikayla

Women’s Physique

Competitors from the Women’s Physique division shined on Friday. It didn’t take long for Nadia Vandal to assert herself as a title contender. She brought excellent conditioning and her physique was eye-catching during the prejudging rounds. Danielle La Martina also came out strong and impressed fans with her dug-out abs.

Nadia Vandal has been putting in the work season to season. Her last event saw her take 12th at the 2022 Toronto Pro Supershow. Her main adversary, Danielle La Martina last finished ninth at the 2022 Chicago Pro. While it was a close show, Danielle La Martina pulled off the victory to secure her Olympia invite. Runner-up went to Nadia Vandal, with Marie Berouskova and Justin’s Rudnicka taking third and fourth.

  • Winner — Danielle LaMartina
  • Second Place — Nadia Vandal
  • Third Place — Marie Berouskova
  • Fourth Place — Justyna Rudnicka
  • Fifth Place — Natalie Juron
  • Sixth Place — Marika Jones
  • Seventh Place — Marissa Jinkoji
  • Eighth Place — Vallie Eden
  • Ninth Place — Diana Schnaidt
  • Tenth Place — Lisa Kudrey


Wellness has quickly become one of the most talked-about divisions in the IFBB Pro League. Heading into prejudging, Amy Li and  Danai Theodoropoulou brought round, shapely, and symmetrical physiques. And judging by the comparisons early on, the judges had it close going into the finals.

Amy Li last stepped on stage in 2022 at the Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic Pro, where she took 10th. She was up against Theodoropoulou, who is riding high off momentum. Her last competition came in second at the 2022 EVLS Prague Pro. After a few intense judging rounds, Danai Theodoropoulou walked away with gold. Amy Li took runner-up with Daniela Deina and Quintaysia Goodley finishing third and fourth.

  • Winner — Danai Theodoropoulou
  • Second Place — Amy Li
  • Third Place — Daniela Deiana
  • Fourth Place — Quintaysia Goodley
  • Fifth Place — Maria Paulette
  • Sixth Place — Edna Ferreira de Souza
  • Seventh Place — Kat Williams
  • Eighth Place — Keana Burr
  • Ninth Place — Charnice Bain

2023 Chicago Pro Scorecards

2023 Chicago Pro Open Bodybuilding Scorecard

2023 Chicago Pro 212 Scorecard

2023 Chicago Pro Classic Physique Scorecard

2023 Chicago Pro Men Physique Scorecard

2023 Chicago Pro Women Bodybuilding Scorecard

2023 Chicago Pro Fitness Scorecard

2023 Chicago Pro Figure Scorecard

2023 Chicago Pro Bikini Scorecard

2023 Chicago Pro Women Physique Scorecard

2023 Chicago Pro Wellness Scorecard


ARISTIMUQOH congratulates the winners of each division! We look forward to seeing you dominate the Olympia stage! 

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