Samson Dauda claimed gold in the Men’s Open headliner at the 2023 EVLS Prague Pro!

The highly anticipated 2023 EVLS Prague Pro quickly turned into one of the most stacked events of the year. This 2024 Olympia-qualifying event took place in Prague, Czech Republic on November 18, 2023, and featured the headlining Men’s Open division as well as the Classic Physique, Men’s 212 Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Bikini, and Figure categories. 

Samson Dauda, who just finished third at the 2023 Mr. Olympia competition continued his European tour this weekend. Just days ago, he claimed gold against his teammates Behrooz Tabani and Marcello De Angelis at the 2023 Romania Muscle Fest Pro.

The pressure was on for athletes to earn their respective qualifications for 2024 Mr. Olympia. The IFBB Pro League recently announced that only the top three finishers of the Men’s Open Mr. Olympia will now receive automatic qualifications.


Stay tuned for the show’s results, winners, and official scorecards, which will be announced and detailed here on Saturday afternoon. Fitness Volt will update this article as the 2023 EVLS Prague Pro unfolds.


2023 EVLS Prague Pro Winners

  • Men’s Open: Samson Dauda
  • Classic Physique: Urs Kalecinski
  • Men’s 212: Ahmad Ali Ashkanani
  • Men’s Physique: Miroslav Juricek
  • Bikini: Valeria Kord
  • Figure: Tereza Linhartova

2023 EVLS Prague Pro Results Breakdown

Men’s Open

Fans were thrilled for this weekend’s event thanks to the stacked headlining Men’s Open division. Samson Dauda, who finished third at the 2023 Olympia show, continues to bet on himself, risking his status and momentum. His latest victory saw him reign supreme over Behrooz Tabani and Marcello De Angelis at last week’s 2023 Romania Muscle Fest Pro. During prejudging and tonight’s finals, Dauda commanded center stage with a seemingly tighter look, especially from the back.

However, he faced stiff competition, most notably from defending Prague Pro champ and seventh-place Olympia finisher, Michal ‘Krizo’ Krizanek. Krizo has proven himself as an elite Open talent, having made strides in his conditioning, posing, and muscle density since last year.

During the finals, it was clear Krizo brought a better look and pushed Dauda on stage. In the end, “The Nigerian Lion” secured another big win, preventing second-place finisher Krizo from earning his qualification. Meanwhile, Rubiel “Neckzilla” Mosquera smashed expectations in his Pro debut after earning his IFBB Pro card yesterday, nabbing a highly impressive bronze medal.

1 Samson Dauda United Kingdom 5 5 10
2 Michal Krizanek Slovakia 10 10 20
3 Rubiel Mosquera Columbia 18 15 33
4 Nathan De Asha United Kingdom 17 20 37
5 Jan Turek Czech Republic 26 25 51
6 Liang Yan China 32 30 62
7 Roman Fritz Germany 33 35 68
8 Rob Cannon United Kingdom 40 40 80
9 Hameed Juma Bahrain 46 45 91
10 Pavel Beran Czech Republic 49 50 99
Anton Bippus Denmark 73
Kevin Brucher Germany
Roberto Buonomo Italy
Pavel Cervinka Czech Republic
Dennis Friedrich Germany
Ahmet Kocak Turkey
Gianluca Di Lorenzo Italy 71
Sultan Raydan Saudi Arabia 70
Sarhan Sarhan Palestine 65
Pavel Szotkowski Czech Republic
Morad Zahir Morocco
Peter Zembjak Slovakia 55

Classic Physique

It was a dog fight in Prague, with Olympia contenders Urs Kalecinski and Michael Daboul looking for the knockout punch. “The Miracle Bear” has been on a roll since placing third on the 2023 Mr. Olympia stage. A week ago, he secured gold dominantly at the Texas State Pro. Continuing his streak, Kalecinski brought on all comers with an even tighter package this weekend.

Michael Daboul is another top Classic Physique threat whose symmetry, proportions, and conditioning have been lauded in the IFBB Pro League. He recently took sixth on the 2023 Olympia stage, three spots from Kalecinski. While it was close, the leg volume and definition of Kalecinski carried him to a second straight victory! Michael Daboul placed second and Alexander Westermeier claimed third place.

1 Urs Kalecinski Germany 5
2 Michael Daboul United Kingdom 10
3 Alexander Westermeier Germany 15
4 Sebastien Theurel France 20
5 Karol Rogaczewski Poland 25
6 Jordi Romero Marsal Spain 30
7 Ruben Lopez Reyes Spain 35
8 German Pastor Spain 40
9 George Acheampong Denmark 45
10 Matthias Hollweck Germany 50
11 Manuel Moisel Germany 55
12 Karar Aljalabi Belgium 60
13 Tunde Chris Taylor Germany 65
14 Sebastian Guncik Czech Republic 70
15 Ali Khan Afghanistan 75
16 Alberto Milani Italy 80
17 Fernando Gornals Margol Spain 84
Miroslav Priban Czech Republic



Men’s 212 Bodybuilding

An exciting battle took over the venue, featuring a pair of Men’s 212 Bodybuilding standouts. Ahmad Ashkanani, who finished fifth on the 2023 Olympia stage, continues to stay active. Equipped with freak factor and amazing back detail, he’s a tough out for any competitor, as was the case tonight. Just like Samson Dauda, Ashkanani also competed at the 2023 Romania Muscle Fest Pro last week and won.

Meanwhile, the proportions and conditioning of Christian Zagarella caught the judges’ attention early on in prejudging. Christian has quickly made a name for himself in the growing category. He attempted to take out Ashkanani last weekend at the 2023 Romania Muscle Fest Pro but was unsuccessful in second place. Despite his best efforts once again, Ahmad Ashkanani took gold. Christian Zagarella and Lucas Garcia finished second and third.

1 Ahmad Ali Ashkanai Kuwait 5
2 Giuseppe Zagarella Italy 10
3 Lucas Goncalez Brazil 15
4 Dawid Cnota Poland 20
5 Giorgi Adikashvili Georgia 25
6 Daniel Vasilica Romania 30
7 Damian Kryszpin Poland 35
8 Vincent Alliot France 40

Men’s Physique

Men’s Physique contenders brought their best on Saturday. During prejudging, Miroslav Juricek emerged as a frontrunner to watch. His completeness and back definition stood out during comparisons. Miroslav entered this event with steam, having recently claimed the 2023 Romania Muscle Fest Pro title.

Opposite of Juricek was Ondrej Kmostak, who looked to have brought his most shredded physique to date. With capped shoulders and a pronounced X-frame, he gave Juricek all he could handle toward the end of the finals. Ondrej last finished seventh place at the 2019 Romania Muscle Fest Pro. After a close battle, Miroslav Juricek took first place. Ondrej Kmostak and Furkan Er finished second and third.

1 Miroslav Juricek Czech Republic 5
2 Ondrej Kmostak Czech Republic 10
3 Furkan Er Turkey 15
4 Adeyemi Awoyani United Kingdom 20
5 Andrea Amato Italy 25
6 Dawid Wachelka Poland 30
7 Dylan Crane France 35
8 Jeffrey Darko United Kingdom 40
9 Viachaslau Tarasevich Belarus 45
10 Mohammad Almutawah Kuwait 50
11 Alessandro Cavagnola Italy 55
12 Panek Alexandru Romania 60
13 Ramzi Boubaker Germany 65
14 Oskar Tchorzewski Poland 70
15 Aryan Ali Germany 75


1 Valerya Fedorenko Ukraine 5
2 Violeta Palamarchuk Ukraine 10
3 Alice Marchisio Italy 15
4 Dorottya Zoe Toth Hungary 20
5 Renata Nowak Poland 25
6 Sara Punzetti Italy 30
7 Lisa Reith Germany 35
8 Sara Lujza Rogacsi Hungary 40
9 Olivia Pohankova Kovac Slovakia 45
10 Petra Voldanova United Kingdom 50
11 Andrina Scharli Switzerland 55
12 Mara Carro 60
13 Ka’Tai Luca Hungary 65
14 Johanna Durr Germany 70
15 Irene Iravedra Cunarro Spain 45


1 Tereza Linhartova Czech Republic 5
2 Maria Luisa Diaz USA 10
3 Rejoice Godwin Spain 15
4 Stefana Sandu Romania 20
5 Behnaz Nasrollahi Azar Germany 25
6 Zulfya Bitiyeva Kazakhstan 32
7 Kamara Graham United Kingdom 33
8 Karine Hajjar Qatar 42
9 Tamires Silva Brazil 43
10 Sonja Ivanov Germany 50
11 Anna Kohckar Ukraine 55
12 Natalia Sharapova Russia 60
13 Gabriela Linhartova Czech Republic 65
14 Vanessa Happle Germany 72
15 Gabriela Hejna Czech Republic 73
16 Alina Yaman Ukraine 80
Luciana Alves Brazil
Pamela Colombo Italy
Veronica Gallego Garcia Spain
Paula Ranta Finland
Jennifer Reece Canada
Josephine Denss Germany

Prejudging Highlights

The results will be available soon. In the meantime, check out the Prejudging highlights.








That wraps up all of the bodybuilding action in Prague.

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