Derek Lunsford defeats his teammate to win his first title at the 2023 Mr. Olympia

The highly awaited 2023 Mr. Olympia Men’s Open competition concluded and it was a packed night of action with names like Dave Bautista and Shaquille O’Neal in the building. Derek Lunsford cemented himself as the new Mr. Olympia in Orlando, Florida after the finals, which took place Saturday, November 4 inside the Orange County Convention Center. 

This year’s Men’s Open lineup was hampered by a few withdrawals in the lead-up to the marquee show. Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay, the former two-time titleholder, opted to rest his physique instead of attempting another show. Then, just three days before stepping on stage, Nick “The Mutant” Walker pulled out due to a severe hamstring tear.

That didn’t stop the world’s best. Hadi Choopan brought his signature conditioning, though he faced resistance from his teammate, former 212 Olympia Derek Lunsford, and contender Samson Dauda, whose stature, fullness, and balance carried him through the prejudging rounds. They took turns center stage, leaving fans unsure of who was ahead on the scorecards.

In the finals, Lunsford, Dauda, and Choopan took part in round two to determine who would take home the title. Ultimately, the hardness and detail of Derek Lunsford led to his 2023 Mr. Olympia title win! Hadi Choopan claimed second place, and Samson Dauda took third. Lunsford also earned the prestigious 2023 People’s Olympia Champ Award.

Check out the final official results below!

2023 Mr. Olympia Results

  • Mr. Olympia (Men’s Open)

    Derek Lunsford is the new Mr. Olympia champion, making him the 18th bodybuilder to lift the Sandow trophy.

    The Men’s Open bodybuilders opened the floodgates in the pre-judging round. Hadi Choopan, Derek Lunsford, and Samson Dauda were in the final callout in the pre-judging round on Nov. 3 (Friday) and confirmation round on Nov. 4 (Saturday), making them the favorite to win the most prestigious trophy in the sport.

    Every bodybuilder in the Men’s Open tightened up for the confirmation round, turning the contest into an absolute dogfight. Mr. Olympia head judge Steve Weinberger put the bodybuilders through multiple comparison rounds to ensure a thorough evaluation before making the final decision.

    It went to the wire in the finals, as Derek Lunsford picked up the coveted Sandow trophy. Lunsford became the first double champ in the Olympia history, with both the 212 and Mr. Olympia (Men’s Open) titles under his belt. Besides the gold medal, Lunsford won the People’s Choice Award.

    Choopan slipped to the runner-up position. It was Dauda’s second Olympia appearance, and he moved up three places from last year to win the bronze medal at the 2023 Olympia.

    Brandon Curry maintained his fourth-place finish from the 2022 Olympia. Andrew Jacked took fifth place at the 2023 Olympia, a three-place jump from his previous performance.

    • Winner — Derek Lunsford ($400,000)
    • Second Place — Hadi Choopan ($150,000)
    • Third Place — Samson Dauda ($100,000)
    • Fourth Place — Brandon Curry ($40,000)
    • Fifth Place — Andrew Jacked ($35,000)
    • Sixth Place — TBD
    • Seventh Place — TBD
    • Eighth Place — TBD
    • Ninth Place — TBD
    • Tenth Place — TBD
2023 Olympia Bodybuilding Top 5
2023 Olympia Bodybuilding Top 5

People’s Champ

Derek Lunsford wins the People’s Champ Award!

Derek Lunsford 2023 Peoples Champ
Derek Lunsford 2023 Peoples Champ


Mr. Olympia Winners History

2022 Hadi Choopan Las Vegas, NV
2021 Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay Orlando, FL
2020 Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay Orlando, FL
2019 Brandon Curry Las Vegas, NV
2018 Shawn Rhoden Las Vegas, NV
2017 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2016 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2015 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2014 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2013 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2012 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2011 Phil Heath Las Vegas, NV
2010 Jay Cutler Las Vegas, NV
2009 Jay Cutler Las Vegas, NV
2008 Dexter Jackson Las Vegas, NV
2007 Jay Cutler Las Vegas, NV
2006 Jay Cutler Las Vegas, NV
2005 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
2004 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
2003 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
2002 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
2001 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
2000 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
1999 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas, NV
1998 Ronnie Coleman New York, NY
1997 Dorian Yates Los Angeles, CA
1996 Dorian Yates Chicago, IL
1995 Dorian Yates Atlanta, GA
1994 Dorian Yates Atlanta, GA
1993 Dorian Yates Atlanta, GA
1992 Dorian Yates Helsinki, Finland
1991 Lee Haney Orlando, FL
1990 Lee Haney Chicago, IL
1989 Lee Haney Rimini, Italy
1988 Lee Haney Los Angeles, CA
1987 Lee Haney Gothenburg, Sweden
1986 Lee Haney Columbus, OH
1985 Lee Haney Brussels, Belgium
1984 Lee Haney New York, NY
1983 Samir Bannout Munich, Germany
1982 Chris Dickerson London, England
1981 Franco Columbu Columbus, OH
1980 Arnold Schwarzenegger Sydney, Australia
1979 Frank Zane Columbus, OH
1978 Frank Zane Columbus, OH
1977 Frank Zane Columbus, OH
1976 Franco Columbu Columbus, OH
1975 Arnold Schwarzenegger Pretoria, South Africa
1974 Arnold Schwarzenegger New York, NY
1973 Arnold Schwarzenegger New York, NY
1972 Arnold Schwarzenegger Essen, Germany
1971 Arnold Schwarzenegger Paris France
1970 Arnold Schwarzenegger New York, NY
1969 Sergio Oliva New York, NY
1968 Sergio Oliva New York, NY
1967 Sergio Oliva New York, NY
1966 Larry Scott New York, NY
1965 Larry Scott New York, NY


2023 Olympia Results


2023 Olympia Winners:

Here are the winners in each division:

  • Men’s Open: Derek Lunsford
  • Men’s 212: Keone Pearson
  • Classic Physique: Chris Bumstead
  • Men’s Physique: Ryan Terry
  • Ms. Olympia: Andrea Shaw
  • Figure: Cydney Gillon
  • Fitness: Oksana Grishina
  • Women’s Physique: Sarah Villegas
  • Bikini: Jennifer Dorie
  • Wellness: Francielle Mattos
  • Pro Wheelchair: Karol Milewski

212 Olympia

Keone Pearson picked up his maiden 212 Olympia title at the 59th edition of the Olympia. The 2022 212 Olympia bronze medalist and 2023 Masters Olympia champion Kamal Elgargni didn’t compete at this year’s Olympia due to a family emergency, vacating a spot on the podium.

Keone Pearson showed promise in the pre-judging round. He took sixth place at the 2022 212 Olympia but was center stage in the first and final callouts with Shaun Clarida. Pearson outclassed Clarida with his conditioning and muscle fullness.

Pearson’s promotion resulted in a bronze medal for Angel Calderon Frias, who looked disappointed in the backdrop as Clarida and Pearson locked horns in the final callout.

Kerrith Bajjo also had a blockbuster showing at the 2023 Olympia as he climbed from the seventh position from the previous year to the fourth spot. 

  • Winner —  Keone Pearson ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Shaun Clarida ($20,000)
  • Third Place —  Angel Calderon Frias ($10,000)
  • Fourth Place — Kerrith Bajjo ($6,000)
  • Fifth Place — Ahmad Ashkanani ($4,000)
  • Sixth Place — Oleh Kryvyi
  • Seventh Place — Nasser Mohamed
  • Eighth Place — Andrei Melnikov
  • Ninth Place — Fabrizio de Souza Moreira
  • Tenth Place — Felipe Moraes
2023 Mens 212 Olympia Winners
2023 Men’s 212 Olympia Winners

Classic Physique Olympia

The Classic Physique roster was stacked with elite bodybuilders. The four-time champ Chris Bumstead and Arnold Classic champ Ramon Rocha Queiroz locked horns in the final callout in the pre-judging round and finals, establishing them as the frontrunners. However, it was Chris Bumstead who conquered the Classic Physique Olympia crown, his fifth, solidifying his legacy in the sport.

Ramon was undoubtedly bigger and more whittled than ever and looked like an absolute unit, but he had to settle with the silver medal.

“The Miracle Bear” burst into his signature break-dancing moves toward the end of his posing routine, igniting excitement in the audience, and took the bronze medal.

Two-time champ Breon Ansley had announced a move to the 212 division at the 2022 Olympia after placing fourth but stayed back in the Classic Physique division after the IFBB Pro League increased the weight caps of each height class. The extra weight definitely helped Ansley. However, he repeated his performance from the 2022 Olympia, placing fourth.

The top four at the 2023 Olympia were repeated from the previous year.

The former two-time AC champ Terrence Ruffin placed fifth at the 2023 Olympia, a one-place improvement over the previous year. 

  • Winner — Chris Bumstead ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Ramon Rocha Querioz ($20,000)
  • Third Place — Urs Kalecinski ($12,000)
  • Fourth Place — Breon Ansley ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place — Terrence Ruffin ($6,000)
  • Sixth Place — TBD
  • Seventh Place — TBD
  • Eighth Place — TBD
  • Ninth Place — TBD
  • Tenth Place — TBD
2023 Classic Physique Olympia Top 5
2023 Classic Physique Olympia Winners


Men’s Physique Olympia

The Men’s Physique division is among the most cutthroat in the sport. The defending champ Erin Banks, former-champ Brandon Hendrickson, Ryan Terry, and Emanuel Hunter earned the lead in the pre-judging round and were in the final callout.

Despite the best efforts from Banks, Hendrickson, and Hunter, it wasn’t enough to prevent Ryan Terry from winning his maiden Olympia championship. Ryan’s previous best at the Olympia was a bronze medal, which came in 2018. It was Terry’s ninth year at the Olympia.

Hendrickson repeated his second-place finish at the 2022 Olympia. Banks slipped to third place, whereas Diogo Montenegro dropped from the bronze medal at the 2022 Olympia to fifth this year. Hunter scored a fourth-place finish. 

  • Winner —  Ryan Terry ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Brandon Hendrickson ($20,000)
  • Third Place —  Erin Banks ($12,000)
  • Fourth Place — Emanuel Hunter ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place — Diogo Montenegro ($6,000)
  • Sixth Place — TBD
  • Seventh Place — TBD
  • Eighth Place — TBD
  • Ninth Place — TBD
  • Tenth Place — TBD
2023 Men Physique Olympia Top 5
2023 Men Physique Olympia Top 5

Ms. Olympia

Andrea Shaw won her fourth Ms. Olympia title at the 2023 Olympia. She entered the contest as a favorite to win the show, and it looked like an almost effortless victory in the making. However, the 2022 Ms. Olympia silver medalist Angela Yeo brought a significantly improved package and nearly clinched the title from under Shaw. It was Yeo’s second Olympia appearance.

Sherry Priami and Natalia Kovaleva’s debut at the Olympia was a big success as they secured the fourth and fifth places, respectively. Alcione Barreto jumped from eighth place at the 2022 Olympia to win the bronze medal this year. 

  • Winner — Andrea Shaw ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Angela Yeo ($20,000)
  • Third Place — Alcione Barreto ($12,000)
  • Fourth Place — Sherry Priami ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place — Natalia Kovaleva ($6,000)
  • Sixth Place — Michaela Aycock
  • Seventh Place — MayLa Ash
  • Eighth Place — Chelsea Dion
  • Ninth Place — Reshanna Boswell
  • Tenth Place — Julia Whitesel
2023 Ms Olympia Top 5
2023 Ms. Olympia Top 5

Figure Olympia

There is no touching Cydney Gillon when she is on a bodybuilding stage; the 2023 Olympia was no different. She brought her signature muscle balance, conditioning, and symmetry and charmed the judges and audience with her stage presence.

2023 Masters Figure Olympia champion and 2022 Olympia silver medalist Jessica Reyes Padilla was on Gillon’s tail throughout the end. Still, Gillon managed to fend her off to win her seventh consecutive Figure Olympia title.

Cherish Richardson finished fourth at her Olympia debut, whereas the first, second, third, and fifth places at the 2023 Olympia are a repeat from the previous year.

  • Winner —  Cydney Gillon ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Jessica Reyes Padilla ($20,000)
  • Third Place —  Lola Montez ($12,000)
  • Fourth Place — Cherish Richardson ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place — Natalia Soltero ($6,000)
  • Sixth Place — Ericka Morales Morgan
  • Seventh Place — Rhea Gayle
  • Eighth Place — Jennifer Zienhert
  • Ninth Place — Adela Ondrejovicova
  • Tenth Place — Maria Luisa Pereira
2023 Figure Olympia Top 5
2023 Figure Olympia Winners


Fitness Olympia

Oksana Grishina had to pull out of the 2022 Olympia a day before the show due to an injury. She returned with a bang by winning the 2023 Olympia and claiming her fifth title.

Taylor Learmont was a total surprise at the 2023 Olympia, as she seized the silver medal on her Olympia debut. She qualified for the Olympia by winning the 2023 Legion Sports Fest Pro.

The Fitness division is the most explosive and thrilling category in the IFBB Pro League. Not only are the contestants required to bring a shredded physique, but they also have to perform high-flying, adrenaline-pumping dance moves in the fitness routines.

The reigning Fitness Olympia champion, Missy Truscott, showed up in unbelievable form and was undoubtedly the most shredded athlete on the stage. She remained center stage in the first and final callout in the pre-judging round, along with former Olympia champ Whitney Jones. However, Truscott and Jones sustained injuries to the knee and shoulder, respectively, during their fitness routines. While Jones managed to seize the fifth-place award, Truscott fell lower.

Although the injuries were unfortunate for the athletes and the fans, they left the door open for the other athletes and led to a major shakeup in the Fitness Olympia placings. 

  • Winner —  Oksana Grishina ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Taylor Learmont ($20,000)
  • Third Place —  Jaclyn Baker ($12,000)
  • Fourth Place — Ariel Khadr ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place — Whitney Jones ($6,000)
  • Sixth Place — Jodi Boam
  • Seventh Place — Sara Kovach
  • Eighth Place — Michaela Pavleova
  • Ninth Place — Darrian Tissenbaum
  • Tenth Place — Amber Steffen
2023 Fitness Olympia Top 5
2023 Fitness Olympia Winners

Women’s Physique Olympia

The Women’s Physique Olympia was a heated contest, with Sara Villegas going head-to-head with Natalia Abraham Coelho to reclaim the title she lost to her in 2022. Villegas became the first Women’s Physique Olympia champ to reclaim the title after losing it. She is now the second most decorated bodybuilder in the division, boasting three Olympia titles to her name.

Villegas improved significantly in the back, quad sweep, and conditioning department compared to the previous year. Her exceptional X-frame stole the spotlight on stage, enabling her to outshine her rivals and clinch the coveted Olympia gold medal.

Bronze medalist from 2022 Olympia Brooke Walker dropped to fourth place, whereas Zana Benta took her place on the podium on her Olympia debut. 

  • Winner —  Sarah Villegas ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Natalia Abraham Coelho ($20,000)
  • Third Place —  Zana Benta ($12,000)
  • Fourth Place — Brooke Walker ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place — Anne-Lorraine Mohn ($6,000)
  • Sixth Place — Ivie Rhein
  • Seventh Place — Pamela Canfield
  • Eighth Place — Alex Hall
  • Ninth Place — Jeanine Feldman
  • Tenth Place — Emily Schubert
2023 Women Physique Winners
2023 Women Physique Winners

Wellness Olympia

Francielle Mattos has been reigning on the Wellness Olympia throne since the division debuted in 2021. She won her third title at the 2023 Olympia. She has been touted as the ideal figure for the Wellness division by several IFBB Pro League officials, including Vice President Tyler Manion.

Throughout the competition, Mattos faced a fierce challenge from her fellow countrywoman and 2022 Olympia runner-up Isabell Nunes, who she beat by one point after the Finals. A silver medal is a big victory for Nunes, who had to vacate her Wellness International title at the 2023 Arnold Classic due to a knee injury.

Elisa Alcantara won the bronze medal on her Olympia debut. 2023 Wellness International champion and 2022 Olympia fourth-place finisher Kassandra Gillis dropped out of the top five. Rayane Fogal moved from the fifth spot to the fourth.

  • Winner — Francielle Mattos ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Isabelle Nunes ($20,000)
  • Third Place — Elisa Alcantara ($12,000)
  • Fourth Place — Rayane Fogal ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place — Giselle Machado ($6,000)
  • Sixth Place — Kassandra Gillis
  • Seventh Place — Tefani Sam Razhi
  • Eighth Place — Sandra Colorado Acal
  • Ninth Place — Marissa Andrews
  • Tenth Place — Leonida Ciobu
Wellness Olympia Top 5
Wellness Olympia Winners

Bikini Olympia

The lineup for the 2023 Bikini Olympia was brimming with star power. The reigning champ, Maureen Blanquisco, was tasked with fending off three in-form former champions, including Jennifer Dorie, Elisa Pecini, and Ashley Kaltwasser

Blanquisco, Dorie, and Kaltwasser were in the final callout in the pre-judging round, making them the frontrunners to win the show. The two-time Bikini International (Arnold Classic) champ Lauralie Chapados joined the trio in the final callout in the confirmation round.

Despite her best efforts, Blanquisco couldn’t maintain her position and had to relinquish the Bikini Olympia title to Dorie. 

Dorie radiated sheer confidence when she hit the stage and was successful in winning her second Bikini Olympia title. She is the third bodybuilder to win multiple Bikini Olympia titles. The Bikini Olympia division has seen a new champion each year since 2019 when Elisa Pecini won it from Angelica Teixeira.

Kaltwasser had a solid showing and earned the bronze medal. Chapados improved one place from the previous year to finish fourth at the 2023 Olympia. Elisa Pecini jumped from ninth place at the 2022 Olympia to fifth this year. 

  • Winner — Jennifer Dorie ($50,000)
  • Second Place — Maureen Blanquisco ($20,000)
  • Third Place — Ashley Kaltwasser ($12,000)
  • Fourth Place — Lauralie Chapados ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place — Elisa Pecini ($6,000)
  • Sixth Place — TBD
  • Seventh Place — TBD
  • Eighth Place — TBD
  • Ninth Place — TBD
  • Tenth Place — TBD

Wheelchair Olympia

The five-time Olympia and six-time Arnold Classic champion Harold Kelley entered the 2023 Olympia as the clear favorite. However, Polish bodybuilder Karol Milewski had plans of his own.

Milewski’s extraordinary muscle size, separation, and conditioning set him apart from the competition. Milewski was in total control from the moment he graced the stage, which helped him secure his maiden Olympia title. Kelley had to settle for the second place.

Josue Fabiano Barreto Monteiro of Brazil showed up in great shape. He presented a nice balance of muscularity and conditioning, complete with a great V-taper, and won the bronze medal.

Canadian bodybuilder Mohammadreza Tabrizi Nouri was one of the few bodybuilders in the lineups who pulled a vacuum. He arguably had the best-posing routine in the lineup, helping him seize the fourth spot. The 2022 Arnold Classic Wheelchair champ and 2022 Olympia runner-up, Gabriele Andriulli, secured a fifth-place finish.

  • Winner —  Karol Milewski
  • Second Place — Harold Kelley
  • Third Place —  Josue Fabiano Barreto Monteiro
  • Fourth Place — Mohammadreza Tabrizi Nouri
  • Fifth Place — Gabriele Andriulli
  • Sixth Place — TBD
  • Seventh Place — TBD
  • Eighth Place — TBD
  • Ninth Place — TBD
  • Tenth Place — TBD

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