Ross Flanigan wins the 2023 Musclecontest California Pro and earned a ticket to compete at Mr. Olympia!

Written by Doug Murray

Bodybuilding action took over the West Coast this weekend in Anaheim, CA at the 2023 Musclecontest California Pro. Competitors from the Men’s Open division battled on May 27 as they aim to lock in their invites to this year’s Mr. Olympia.

Unlike in 2022, athletes have fewer months to qualify for the Mr. Olympia competition in November. In addition, the point system has been removed, therefore bodybuilders must win a pro show in order to make an appearance on the sport’s biggest stage.
Last weekend, the 2023 New York Pro, headlined by the Open class, saw two names in the running for gold: Tonio Burton and Stuart Sutherland. Ultimately, Burton’s fullness and deep muscle separation got the job done. Both men are competing again in California, however, they will face a new addition to the roster as Sergio Oliva Jr. entered the show last minute. Sergio has shared consistent updates in the lead-up to the event and revealed he’s weighing approximately 286 pounds. Meanwhile, Seung Chul Lee is also looking for a statement performance.

2023 Musclecontest California State Pro Results

Men’s Open Bodybuilding

  • Winner — Ross Flanigan
  • Second Place — Tonio Burton
  • Third Place — Sergio Oliva Jr.
  • Fourth Place — Stuart Sutherland
  • Fifth Place — Slavoj Bednar
  • Sixth Place — Mike Hulusi
  • Seventh Place — Seungchul Lee
  • Eighth Place — Mariusz Tomczuk
  • Ninth Place — Nathan Dandridge
  • Tenth Place — Thierry Dangea Afandonougbo
Ross Flanigan Wins Bodybuilding Title
Ross Flanigan

2023 California State Pro Scorecard

2023 California State Pro Scorecard

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