Nine winners were be crowned champions at Steve Weinberger’s 2023 New York Pro!

Written by Doug Murra

The 2023 New York Pro is the third most important event on the IFBB Pro League calendar and will take place this weekend, May 20, 2023, in Teaneck, New Jersey. This show served as a qualifier for the 2023 Mr. Olympia contest taking place in November.

A total of nine divisions will be in attendance including Men’s Open, Classic Physique, 212 Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique, Figure, Bikini, and Wellness. 

Last year’s 2022 New York Pro champion, Blessing Awodibu, will not compete at this year’s event. Therefore, a new champion in the Open class will be crowned. In addition, Nick Walker took New York Pro gold in 2021 but has opted not to compete in favor of making improvements for November.

Whichever athlete comes out on top in their division this weekend will have the opportunity to face the reigning Olympia winner of their category. As far as the Men’s Open division is concerned, fans expect Tonio Burton and ‘Beef’ Stu Sutherland to put on a show, who have both shared consistent progress photos through the entirety of their preps.

2023 New York Pro Winners

  • Men’s Open: Tonio Burton
  • Classic Physique: Michael Daboul
  • 212 Bodybuilding: Kerrith Bajjo
  • Men’s Physique: Ryan Terry
  • Women’s Bodybuilding: Natalia Kovaleva
  • Women’s Physique: Natalia Abraham Coelho
  • Figure: Maria Diaz
  • Bikini: Aimee LeAnn Delgado
  • Wellness: Gisele Machado

2023 New York Pro Results

Men’s Open Bodybuilding

During prejudging and finals, Tonio Burton and Stuart Sutherland asserted themselves as contenders early. Stuart’s conditioning and stage presence made it an exciting battle. Ultimately, the bubbly fullness and conditioning of Tonio Burton secured him the 2023 New York Pro title, which now qualifies him to compete at Mr. Olympia in November. Sutherland took second with Josef Kveton rounding out the podium.

  • Winner — Tonio Burton
  • Second Place — Stuart Sutherland
  • Third Place — Josef Kveton
  • Fourth Place — Joe Seeman
  • Fifth Place — Eric Wood
  • Sixth Place — Maxx Charles
  • Seventh Place — Nathan Spear
  • Eighth Place — Robin Strand
  • Ninth Place — Brent Swansen
  • Tenth Place — Mike Hulusi

Classic Physique

Contenders from the Classic Physique division delivered an exciting contest. While Junior Javorski and Alexander Westermeir brought impressive physiques, the conditioning and thin skin of Michal Daboul was too hard to ignore. Just like in Pittsburgh, Michael Daboul walked off stage with another trophy and cash prize. 

  • Winner — Michael Daboul 
  • Second Place — Junior Javorski
  • Third Place — Alexander Westermeier
  • Fourth Place — Camilo Diaz
  • Fifth Place — Eric Abelon
  • Sixth Place — Matthew Greggo
  • Seventh Place — Jorge Luis Guerrero Gallegos
  • Eighth Place — Rickoy Palmer
  • Ninth Place — Hubert Kulczynski
  • Tenth Place — Jeremiah T. Willies

212 Bodybuilding

During prejudging, fans and the judges acknowledged it was a battle between Jason Hebert, Diego Guerra Montoya, and Kerrith Bajjo. While Montoya and Hebert brought an impressive level of muscle density, Kerrith Bajjo’s deep separation in his quads and abs guided him to victory at the 2023 New York Pro. 

  • Winner — Kerrith Bajjo 
  • Second Place — Diego Guerra Montoya
  • Third Place — Jason Hebert
  • Fourth Place — Jose Marte
  • Fifth Place — Sung Yeop Jang
  • Sixth Place — Jason Joseph
  • Seventh Place — Peter Castella
  • Eighth Place — Anthony S. Dellaventura
  • Ninth Place — Ralph Farah
  • Tenth Place — Ho Yeon Jang

Men’s Physique

Ryan Terry entered this competition with a chip on his shoulder, having recently placed runner-up to Corey Morris at the 2023 Pittsburgh Pro last weekend. During prejudging and through the finals, he was pushed by Vitor Chavez and Sidy Pouye. Despite impressive efforts by the finalists, Ryan Terry’s chest and back detail closed the show. 

  • Winner — Ryan Terry
  • Second Place — Vitor Chavez
  • Third Place — Sidy Pouye
  • Fourth Place — Daniel Ammons
  • Fifth Place — Juan Manuel Gochez
  • Sixth Place — Maxim Golovatii
  • Seventh Place — Dawid Wachelka
  • Eighth Place — Charjo Grant
  • Ninth Place — Deke Walker
  • Tenth Place — Jarrett Jenkins

Women’s Bodybuilding

Donna Salib came back to defend her title from last year with high hopes, but unfortunately, she ended up in fourth place on the scorecard. Natalia Kovaleva emerged as the new champion, securing the coveted title. Now, Kovaleva has the chance to focus on preparing for the upcoming Olympia competition.

  • Winner — Natalia Kovaleva
  • Second Place — Julia Whitesel
  • Third Place — Rene Marven
  • Fourth Place — Donna Salib
  • Fifth Place — Towanda Smith
  • Sixth Place — Vera Mikulcova
  • Seventh Place — Saqweta Barrino
  • Eighth Place — Andrea Saurer
  • Ninth Place — Gisela Nunes Chan
  • Tenth Place — Tamara Makar

Women’s Physique

Emily Schubert and Joseli Schoenherr wasted no time in making their presence known, and the reigning Women’s Physique Olympia Natalia Abraham Coelho took notice. Throughout prejudging, Coelho’s hardness made her stand out on stage. After an exciting show, Coelho became a two-time New York Pro winner. 

  • Winner — Natalia Abraham Coelho 
  • Second Place — Emily Schubert
  • Third Place — Joseli Schoenherr
  • Fourth Place — Yuna Kim
  • Fifth Place — Ann Gruber
  • Sixth Place — Diana Schnaidt
  • Seventh Place — Candice Carr
  • Eighth Place — Christina Wilson
  • Ninth Place — Michele Steeves
  • Tenth Place — Sarah Crail


The Figure category saw a few title contenders emerge following prejudging. Jennifer Zienert, Natalia Soltero, and Maria  Diaz Pereira all brought impressive looks to the stage. By the end of the night, Maria Diaz Pereira secured first place at the 2023 New York Pro. 

  • Winner — Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz Pereira
  • Second Place — Natalia Soltero
  • Third Place — Jennifer Zienert
  • Fourth Place — Rene Miller
  • Fifth Place — Danielle Rose
  • Sixth Place — Thais Cabrices Werner
  • Seventh Place — Aksana Yukhno
  • Eighth Place — Annelies Charlotte Fortuin
  • Ninth Place — Jessica Baltazar
  • Tenth Place — Nakeisha Scruggs


In the finals, Ivi Escandar, Reijuana Harley, and Aimee LeAnn Delgado were in the running for first. After a heated contest, Aimee LeAnn Delgado’s balance paid off as she brought arguably a career-best package. She secured first place with Reijuana Harley and Ivi Escandar finishing second and third. 

  • Winner — Aimee LeAnn Delgado 
  • Second Place — Reijuana Harley
  • Third Place — Ivi Escandar
  • Fourth Place — Eli Fernandez
  • Fifth Place — Shense Case
  • Sixth Place — Jessica Wilson
  • Seventh Place — Maria Acosta
  • Eighth Place — Rachel Schatz
  • Ninth Place — Nedjie Thompson
  • Tenth Place — Karene Gonzalez


Fans were instantly taken aback by Lili Dong this weekend, who looked to have brought one of the best packages of her career. Tefani-Sam Razhi also presented a stellar level of conditioning and balance. Gisele Machado’s physique was arguably more complete than her Pittsburgh look, which led to her victory at this year’s New York Pro. 

  • Winner — Gisele Machado 
  • Second Place — Tefani-Sam Razhi
  • Third Place — Lili Dong
  • Fourth Place — Edna De Souza
  • Fifth Place — Daisha Johnson
  • Sixth Place — Carol Cantarero

2023 New York Pro Scorecards





2023 New York Pro Open Bodybuilding Scorecard

2023 New York Pro 212 Bodybuilding Scorecard

2023 New York Pro Classic Physique Scorecard

2023 New York Pro Men Physique Scorecard

2023 New York Pro Women Bodybuilding Scorecard

2023 New York Pro Women Physique Scorecard


2023 New York Pro Women Physique Scorecard

2023 New York Pro Figure Scorecard

2023 New York Pro Bikini Scorecard

2023 New York Pro Wellness Scorecard


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