Six winners were crowned champions at Jim Manion’s annual Pittsburgh Pro this weekend!

One of the most celebrated contests on the IFBB Pro League schedule, the 2023 Pittsburgh Pro, takes place on May 12-13 in Pittsburgh PA. This show holds special significance due to NPC President and IFBB Pro League Chairman Jim Manion’s name being attached to it.

The Pittsburgh Pro serves as a qualifier for 2023 Mr. Olympia, taking place Nov. 2-5, in Orlando, Florida. Six divisions were featured at the event this weekend: Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Figure, Bikini, and Wellness. 

There are a number of returning champions eager to prove themselves once again. Among them is Natalia Abraham Coelho, the current 2022 Women’s Physique Olympia who recently dethroned Sarah Villegas.

Bikini legend Ashley Kaltwasser will look to make it four titles in Pittsburgh. She recently placed third at 2022 Olympia and is a three-time Olympia Bikini titleholder. Fans also expect an exciting performance from Kassandra Gillis, who is the current Arnold Classic Wellness champion.

A comprehensive preview of the event can be found here. With a star-studded guest-posing lineup on deck, this weekend promises to be a memorable one.

Check out the results of the 2023 Pittsburgh Pro below: 

2023 Pittsburgh Pro Winners

  • Classic Physique:  Michael Daboul
  • Men’s Physique: Corey Morris
  • Women’s Physique: Natalia Abraham Coelho
  • Figure: Cherish Richardson
  • Bikini:  Aimee Delgado
  • Wellness: Gisele Machado

2023 Pittsburgh Pro Results

Classic Physique

During prejudging and finals, Michael Deboul and Eric Wildberger Lisboa cemented themselves as frontrunners. Both men brought exceptional upper body development and top-notch conditioning. While many fans online deemed it a toss-up, the judges awarded Michael Daboul with the victory.

  • Winner —  Michael Daboul 
  • Second Place — Eric Wildberger
  • Third Place — Alexander Westermeier
  • Fourth Place — Daniil Famponte
  • Fifth Place — Camilo Diaz
  • Sixth Place — Tomas Adame-Hernandez
  • Seventh Place — Brandon Cooper
  • Eighth Place — Rob Van Sant
  • Ninth Place — Kendahl Richmond
  • Tenth Place — Munkhsaruul Altangerel

Men’s Physique

An intense battle took place during prejudging and finals, which featured Benquil Marigny, Ryan Terry, and Corey Morris. While Terry continues to make improvements to his physique, Corey Morris proved himself with excellent conditioning and flow to secure the Pittsburgh Pro title. 

  • Winner —  Corey Morris
  • Second Place —  Ryan Terry
  • Third Place — Benquil Marigny
  • Fourth Place — Sidy Pouye
  • Fifth Place —   Ali Bilal
  • Sixth Place — Christopher Barr
  • Seventh Place — Furkan Er
  • Eighth Place — Stevelon Dennis
  • Ninth Place — Puwanat Putoya
  • Tenth Place — Brett Mario Jackson

Women’s Physique

Natalia Abraham Coelho entered Pittsburgh as an overwhelming favorite having just been crowned the 2022 Women’s Physique Olympia winner. The finals saw an exciting battle between Coelho, second-place finisher Emily Schubert, and third-place Amandine Kolly. In the end, Natalia Abraham Coelho defended her title successfully and became a two-time champion. 

  • Winner — Natalia Abraham Coelho
  • Second Place — Emily Schubert
  • Third Place — Amandine Kolly
  • Fourth Place — Joseli Schoenherr
  • Fifth Place — Marie-Solange Essoh
  • Sixth Place — Diana Schnaidt
  • Seventh Place — Ann Gruber
  • Eighth Place — Patricia Watson
  • Ninth Place — Candice Carr
  • Tenth Place — Sarah Crail


Prejudging and finals saw a highly competitive affair in the Figure category. Fans were in agreement that Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz Pereira, Natalia Soltero, and Cherish Richardson were fighting for gold. Having displayed an eye-catching level of balance, stage presentation, and muscularity, Cherish Richardson won the show and secured her 2023 Olympia invitation. 

  • Winner — Cherish Richardson
  • Second Place — Natalia Soltero
  • Third Place — Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz Pereira
  • Fourth Place — Erika Morales Morgan
  • Fifth Place — Madison Dinges
  • Sixth Place — Manon Dutilly
  • Seventh Place — Jennifer Zienert
  • Eighth Place — Ashley Howells
  • Ninth Place — Ashley Radiance Fuller
  • Tenth Place — Paula Ranta


In what many described as one of the closest contests of the night, Romina Basualdo, Ashley Kaltwasser, and Aimee Delgado were put through a series of long comparisons. Ultimately, the judges favored the balance of Aimee Delgado’s physique and she won the 2023 Pittsburgh Pro title as well as an invite to Olympia in November. 

  • Winner —  Aimee Delgado
  • Second Place — Ashley Kaltwasser
  • Third Place —  Romina Basualdo
  • Fourth Place — Vania Auguste
  • Fifth Place — Lexus Redmond
  • Sixth Place — Jessica Wilson
  • Seventh Place — Priscila Leimbacher
  • Eighth Place — Brittany Hamilton
  • Ninth Place — Malu Duarte
  • Tenth Place — Valerya Fedorenko


Given Kassandra Gillis’ first-place performance at the 2023 Arnold Classic, fans expected her to bring a next-level package to Pittsburgh. With considerable momentum, Kassandra faced Gisele Machado, who appeared to bring her best physique to date, showcasing a blend of beauty and fullness on stage. After a series of comparisons, Gisele Machado claimed first and secured her Olympia invitation for November. Additionally, Lili Dong rounded out the podium in third.

  • Winner —  Gisele Machado
  • Second Place — Kassandra Gillis
  • Third Place — Lili Dong
  • Fourth Place — Tefani-Sam Razhi
  • Fifth Place — Jennifer Zollars
  • Sixth Place — Emily Azzarello
  • Seventh Place — Rayanne Collins
  • Eighth Place — Jaqueline Huescas Rios
  • Ninth Place — Anna Banks
  • Tenth Place — Alyssa Serna

2023 Pittsburgh Pro Scorecards

2023 Pittsburgh Classic Physique Scorecard

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2023 Pittsburgh Figure Scorecard

2023 Pittsburgh Women Physique Scorecard

2023 Pittsburgh Bikini Scorecard

2023 Pittsburgh Wellness Scorecard


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