In the end, Andrew Jacked and seven other winners were crowned champions at the 2023 Texas Pro this year.
Doug Murray

Written by Doug Murra

Fans and bodybuilding enthusiasts were thrilled to welcome athletes to this year’s 2023 Texas Pro (Aug. 18-19), which quickly became one of the most talked-about events of the season. This competition in Arlington, Texas was an Olympia qualifier for the following categories: Men’s Open, Men’s 212 Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Figure, Bikini, Women’s Physique, and Wellness.

Time is running out to guarantee passage to the sport’s biggest event of the year. The 2023 Mr. Olympia Weekend kicks off the first week of November (2-5) in Orlando, Florida. With fewer weeks to compete and no point system available this season, it’s been more challenging to clinch a qualification.

2023 Texas Pro Winners of Each Division

  • Men’s Open: Andrew Jacked
  • Men’s 212 Bodybuilding: Keone Pearson
  • Classic Physique: Jae Hun Park
  • Men’s Physique: Jeremiah Maxey
  • Figure: Jessica Reyes Padilla
  • Bikini: Ashlyn Little
  • Women’s Physique: Ivie Rhein
  • Wellness: Marissa Andrews

2023 Texas Pro Results & Breakdown

Men’s Open

  • Winner — Andrew Jacked
  • Second Place — Hunter Labrada
  • Third Place — Carlos Thomas Jr.
  • Fourth Place — Lewis Breed
  • Fifth Place — Jordan Hutchinson
  • Sixth Place — Jonathan Withers
  • Seventh Place — Soohyun Park
  • Eighth Place — Roy Evans
  • Ninth Place — Roy Evans
  • Tenth Place — Lionardis Cardoza

Having already earned his qualification for 2023 Olympia off the back of his recent victory at the Tampa Pro, Hunter Labrada stuck to his plan and put on a show in Texas.

During prejudging, Andrew Jacked’s x-frame, striated chest, and shoulders impressed judges early. He continues to fill out his massive frame with help from Chris Aceto and Chris Lewis. Andrew is riding high on momentum after earning third at the 2023 Arnold Classic.

Most in the community acknowledged that Labrada made improvements to his conditioning yet again, which he properly displayed on stage. His side poses along with his back shots seemed to only get stronger in the finals. However, after a very close competition, Andrew Jacked defended his title and claimed gold. He is now qualified for 2023 Mr. Olympia!

Hunter Labrada finished second and Carlos Thomas Jr. took third in his IFBB Pro debut. 


Men’s 212 Bodybuilding

  • Winner — Keone Pearson 
  • Second Place — Noel Adame
  • Third Place — Francisco Barrios Vik
  • Fourth Place — Jason Joseph
  • Fifth Place — Justin Jacoby
  • Sixth Place — Shuqing Lin
  • Seventh Place — Jae Sang Choi
  • Eighth Place — Charles Curtis
  • Ninth Place — Leland DeVaughn Jr.
  • Tenth Place — Santos Rodriguez

In what turned into a sold-out event, talent from the 212 category showed up big in Texas. Keone Pearson brought arguably his best look yet with massive legs and Phil Heath-like fullness. He last took sixth at the 2022 Olympia.

Aside from ‘The Prodigy,’ Noel Adame displayed a shredded physique. He last took to the stage at the 2022 New York Pro in first place. During finals, both men stood out given their grainy muscularity. However, Pearson’s back shots were key factors in his success tonight. It was close and a tough night for judges. Keone Pearson ended up claiming gold and will now face Shaun Clarida later this year at Olympia.

Noel Adame finished second with Francisco Barrios Vik taking third.


Classic Physique

  • Winner — Jae Hun Park
  • Second Place — Robert Timms
  • Third Place — Logan Franklin
  • Fourth Place — Benjamin Zimmerman
  • Fifth Place — Dancovea Anderson
  • Sixth Place — Tony Duong
  • Seventh Place — Dino Estrada
  • Eighth Place — Lucas Giainni
  • Ninth Place — Osmar Alanis
  • Tenth Place — Eddie Chipp

Texas welcomed several top-tier Classic Physique competitors. Prejudging saw the symmetry of Logan Franklin shine, while Robert Timms and Jae Hun Park impressed with detailed conditioning.

Timms, having long been a threat in the division, looked to have brought one of his best packages. With very few weaknesses, Timms always brings a stellar look to the stage and placed 10th at his last Olympia contest in 2021.

Finalist Jae Hun Park continues to shine within the IFBB. He only appears to improve from show to show. Jae Hun Park last gave it his all on the Olympia stage in December but took 15th overall. This time, Jae Hun Park put on a near-flawless performance and earned his Olympia qualification.

Robert Timms picked up runner up and Logan Franklin finished third place. 


Men’s Physique

  • Winner — Jeremiah Maxey
  • Second Place — Clarence McSpadden Jr.
  • Third Place — Nick Koeu
  • Fourth Place — Joshua Guidry
  • Fifth Place — Mitch Starr
  • Sixth Place — Alexander Rogers
  • Seventh Place — Ali Raza
  • Eighth Place — Alonzo Jefferson
  • Ninth Place — Michael Mayers
  • Tenth Place — Jake Alvarez

Men’s Physique competitors took center stage Friday night. In the prejudging rounds, Clarence McSpadden Jr. and Jeremiah Maxey were pushing each other. Both men brought detailed upper bodies with defined v-tapers.

Clarence continues to show improvements at each contest. He wowed fans in fourth place at the recent 2023 Pacific USA Pro. However, he was facing Jeremiah Maxey, who was riding high on momentum after finishing second at the Tampa Pro. It was a nail-biter finale that ultimately saw Jeremiah Maxey raise gold above his head.

Clarence McSpadden Jr. took second, and Nick Koeu placed third. 



  • Winner — Jessica Reyes Padilla
  • Second Place — Ashley Howells
  • Third Place — Tamera Barrett
  • Fourth Place — Amie Mock
  • Fifth Place — Lena Ramsteiner
  • Sixth Place — Kaylee Walker
  • Seventh Place — Becca Wilcox
  • Eighth Place — Kamilla S. Alencastro
  • Ninth Place — Amanda Winston
  • Tenth Place — Samantha Jenkins

Figure competitors swarmed the stage on Friday evening. With an Olympia qualification on the line, prejudging saw some intense comparisons. As far as symmetry and muscularity were concerned, it looked to be a two-woman battle between Ashley Howells and Jessica Reyes Padilla.

Howells has been busy this season. She took fourth last weekend at the 2023 Tupelo Pro. In a show of consistency, she brought an even better package to the stage in Arlington. However, she was up against the savvy Jessica Reyes Padilla.

Jessica has seen the Olympia stage multiple times throughout her career but her last finish saw her take runner-up in 2022. In addition, Padilla entered this show as the defending Texas Pro Figure champ. In the end, Padilla couldn’t be stopped and picked up another title. 

Ashley Howells finished runner-up and Tamera Barrett claimed third place. 



  • Winner — Ashlyn Little
  • Second Place — Elisa Pecini
  • Third Place — Tamekia Carter
  • Fourth Place — Yurika Shigemoto
  • Fifth Place — Wu Bi
  • Sixth Place — Ashley Hampton
  • Seventh Place — Erin Mayrhofer
  • Eighth Place — Flora Wang
  • Ninth Place — Sammy Jo
  • Tenth Place — Jessica Dexter

Bikini competitors wasted no time hitting the stage Friday night and fans were ready to watch. Elisa Pecini and Ashlyn Little stood out with thin waists and eye-catching aesthetics.

Elisa Pecini, a former Bikini Olympia champion (2019), was on a mission for gold this weekend. She last competed at the Olympia in December but finished ninth. Meanwhile, Ashlyn Little last dominated at the 2023 Tampa Pro in first place. Following some close comparisons, Ashlyn Little’s momentum carried her to victory again tonight and she walked away with the Texas Pro Bikini title.

Elisa Pecini finished runner- up and Tameka Carter placed third. 

Women’s Physique

  • Winner — Ivie Rhein
  • Second Place — Alyssa Kiessling
  • Third Place — Ceci Barba
  • Fourth Place — Sara Bradley
  • Fifth Place — Donna Jones
  • Sixth Place — Rachel Aronson
  • Seventh Place — Brooke Pighin
  • Eighth Place — Katie Nyland
  • Ninth Place — Isabelle Jackson
  • Tenth Place — Alexis Lowery
Women’s Physique competitors brought their best on Saturday night. During prejudging, Alyssa Kiessling and Ivie Rhein brought a combination of symmetry and proportions that stood out. Kiessling last took to the Olympia stage in 2021 where she took 14th. Rhein, meanwhile, recently competed at the 2023 Tampa Pro in second place.
After several comparisons, Ivie Rhein finished in first place. 
Alyssa Kiessling and Ceci Barba took second and third. 


  • Winner — Marissa Andrews
  • Second Place — Mia Samuels-Menjivar
  • Third Place — Jenna de Manicor
  • Fourth Place — Diana Verduzco Carreno
  • Fifth Place — Devyn Cambre
  • Sixth Place — Amy Li
  • Seventh Place — Tracy Williams
  • Eighth Place — Maria Paulette
  • Ninth Place — Victoria Puentes
  • Tenth Place — Jessica Alvarado

The Wellness division continues to raise the bar and tonight was no different. During prejudging and the finals, the lower body fullness of Mia Samuels-Menjivar commanded attention. She appeared to be a frontrunner early, and recently took home sixth place at the 2023 Republic of Texas Pro.

Marissa Andrews, on the other hand, brought an undeniable energy to the stage. Sporting spectacular proportions, the crowd roared during her posing routine. Andrews walked into this show with a little momentum after taking third at the recent 2023 Tampa Pro. After a close affair, Marissa Andrews picked up the win in Texas. 

Mia Samuels-Menjivar and Jenna de Manicor rounded out the podium in second and third, respectively. 


2023 Texas Pro Scorecards

2023 Texas Pro Men Open Scorecard

2023 Texas Pro 212 Scorecard

2023 Texas Pro Classic Physique Scorecard

2023 Texas Pro Classic Physique Scorecard

2023 Texas Pro Men Physique Scorecard2023 Texas Pro Men Physique Scorecard

2023 Texas Pro Figure Scorecard

2023 Texas Pro Bikini Scorecard

2023 Texas Pro Women Physique Scorecard

2023 Texas Pro Wellness Scorecard

Aristimuqoh wishes the winners the best of luck later this year at the 2023 Mr. Olympia

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