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The 2024 Arnold Classic Ohio featured seven divisions: Men’s Open, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Fitness, Bikini, Wellness, and Pro Wheelchair. Competitors vied for supremacy from February 29 to March 3 in Columbus, Ohio.

Since 1989, the annual Arnold Sports Festival has become a staple event for fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts. Fans and athletes from around the world gathered for its epic 35th-anniversary show. With bragging rights and a staggering $300,000 on the line, the Men’s Open headliner brought the heat. 

The Arnold Sports Festival offered a diverse range of events, catering to all sports fans. This year’s extravaganza had various locations, such as the Columbus Convention Center, Hilton Columbus Downtown, Battelle Grande, Columbus Athenaeum, and Ohio Expo Center. All winners of this event received qualifications for the 2024 Mr. Olympia contest taking place October 10-13 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a special announcement after the action wrapped up, revealing that next year’s 2025 Arnold Classic will award the Open winner a staggering $500,000, exceeding the first-place prize money of the Mr. Olympia. 

2024 Arnold Classic Winners:

  1. Men’s Open: Hadi Choopan 
  2. Classic Physique: Wesley Vissers
  3. Men’s Physique: Diogo Montenegro 
  4. Bikini: Lauralie Chapados 
  5. Fitness: Ariel Khadr 
  6. Wellness: Francielle Mattos 
  7. Pro Wheelchair: Rajesh John 

2024 Arnold Classic Results and Prize Money

Below are results and a recap of the bodybuilding action from the 2024 Arnold Classic:

2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

The 2024 Arnold Classic was full of chaos this weekend as Samson Dauda and Hadi Choopan — the Open division’s top guns battled on stage aiming to cement their status as a number one Mr. Olympia contender. While the fullness and back detail of Dauda stood out, fans and judges were simply overwhelmed by Hadi Choopan’s conditioning levels and dryness. 

At the last Mr. Olympia, Choopan took second place behind two-division Olympia titleholder Derek Lunsford. Meanwhile, ‘The Nigerian Lion’ settled for third place, a massive jump from sixth the year prior (2022). After a heated battle with some grueling callouts, Choopan walked away victorious with a thrilling performance. 

  • Winner — Hadi Choopan 
  • Second Place — Samson Dauda 
  • Third Place — Rafael Brandao 
  • Fourth Place — Jonathan Delarosa 
  • Fifth Place — James Hollingshead 
  • Sixth Place — Akim Williams 
Open Bodybuilding Winners
Open Bodybuilding Winners


*Franco Columbu Most Muscular Award — Hadi Choopan 

*Ed Corney Best Poser Award — Samson Dauda 

Check out the complete 2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Open results here

Arnold Classic 2024 Classic Physique Results

The Classic Physique category delivered one of the most exciting events of the year. During the finals, it was evident that the chest striations, capped shoulders, and strong poses of Wesley Vissers left fans in awe.

However, the deep separation of the reigning Arnold Classic champ Ramon Queiroz left many wondering if the door was open enough to be pushed down. Wesley took seventh in his last Mr. Olympia contest whereas Ramon Queiroz managed to secure a second-place position.

While it was a close competition, ‘The Dutch Oak’ pulled off the historic upset to clinch his first Arnold Classic title. Meanwhile, fan-favorite Urs Kalecinski shined in third but left Ohio with the Best Poser Award. 

  • Winner — Wesley Vissers 
  • Second Place — Ramon Queiroz
  • Third Place — Urs Kalecinski
  • Fourth Place — Breon Ansley 
  • Fifth Place — Michael Daboul 
  • Sixth Place — Damien Patrick 
2024 Arnold Classic Physique Winners
2024 Arnold Classic Physique Winners

* Best Poser Award — Urs Kalecinski 

2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Results

The 2024 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique division put on a masterclass in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend. The finals saw a showdown between Vitor Chaves, Vinicius Lima, and Diogo Montenegro. With that said, the conditioning, capped delts, and thin waist of Montenegro made for a challenge on stage. Montenegro last took fifth on the Mr. Olympia stage. 

Meanwhile, fans were blown away by the progress and presentation of Vinicius Lima. While he placed outside of the top 15 at the last Olympia, he brought an enhanced look to the stage this weekend. Despite the contest being close, Diogo Montenegro emerged with the big win! 

  • Winner — Diogo Montenegro 
  • Second Place — Vinicius Mateus Viera Lima 
  • Third Place — Vitor Chaves 
  • Fourth Place — Kyron Holden 
  • Fifth Place — Corey Morris 
  • Sixth Place — Emanuel Hunter 
2024 Arnold Classic Men Physique Winners
2024 Arnold Classic Men Physique Winners

2024 Arnold Classic Bikini Results

The Bikini division was full of suspense on Saturday Day 2 as contenders looked to close the gap at the 2024 Arnold Classic. Among the frontrunners looking to earn gold were defending two-time champion Lauralie Chapados and rising threat Aimee Delgado. 

While Chapados might have entered prejudging too conditioned, she brought a more full look to the stage during the finals. Thanks to her posing skills and stage presence, she pushed back into contention before it was too late. Chapados took fourth at her last Mr. Olympia. Delgado, on the other hand, last finished sixth on the world’s biggest stage. By a thin margin, Lauralie Chapados three-peats, establishing herself as a three-time Ms. Bikini International titleholder. 

  • Winner — Lauralie Chapados 
  • Second Place — Aimee Delgado 
  • Third Place — Vania Auguste 
  • Fourth Place — Angelica Teixeira 
  • Fifth Place — Phoebe Hagan 
  • Sixth Place — Eli Fernandez 
2024 Arnold Classic Bikini Winners
2024 Arnold Classic Bikini Winners

2024 Arnold Classic Fitness Results

The Fitness category is known for its entertaining, dynamic, and creative individual routines. Contenders certainly brought the heat during the prejudging and finals. However, it appeared to be a two-way battle between returning champion riel Khadr and favorite Jaclyn Baker.

Baker has become a rising force in the Fitness division and took third in her last Olympia showing in 2023. Khadr also competed at that same Olympia but turned in a fourth-place showing. This time around, Khadr’s routine was legendary, having adapted it to The Predator movie. When the smoke settled, she walked away as a three-time champion of the Arnold Classic in the fitness division. 

  • Winner — Ariel Khadr
  • Second Place — Jaclyn Baker
  • Third Place — Jodi Boam
  • Fourth Place — Michelle Fredua-Mensah
  • Fifth Place — Aurika Tyrgale 
  • Sixth Place — Tamara Vahn
2024 Arnold Classic Fitness Winners
2024 Arnold Classic Fitness Winners (via @arnoldsports.

2024 Arnold Classic Wellness Results

Ahead of the event, all eyes were on the reigning three-time Wellness Olympia queen Francielle Mattos. Fans were curious if she could join rare company in the sport by picking up an Arnold Classic title just months after winning the sport’s most prestigious honor thrice. Plenty of intrigue surrounded this contest as it was Mattos’ first Arnold Classic. 

Fans and commentators alike were highly impressed with Isabelle Nunes’ lower body density, stage presence, and posing skills. Having finished second to Mattos on the Olympia stage last November, Nunes was eager to get over on the dominant champion. In the end, Francielle Mattos’ flow and aesthetics sealed the deal in Ohio. 

  • Winner — Francielle Mattos 
  • Second Place — Isabelle Nunes
  • Third Place —  Sandra Colorado Acal 
  • Fourth Place — Bruna Seredich 
  • Fifth Place — Lili Dong 
  • Sixth Place — Anne-Marie Gobiel 
2024 Wellness International Winners
2024 Wellness International Winners

Check out the complete 2024 AC Wellness International results here

2024 Arnold Classic Wheelchair Pro Results

The Men’s Pro Wheelchair division raised the roof in Columbus, Ohio on Day Two. After Wesley Vissers upset Ramon Rocha Queiroz in the Classic Physique division, many wondered if more surprises were on their way. It turned out those concerns were accurate. While fans expected the former six-time Wheelchair Arnold Classic champ Harold Kelley to contend for gold, that didn’t come to fruition. 

Instead, former Arnold Classic champ Gabriele Andriulli and relative newcomer Rajesh John put on a spectacle. In the end, Rajesh John shocked the world and picked up his first Arnold Classic title in Wheelchair, solidifying his status as one of the best. Gabriele Andriulli and Josue Fabiana finished in second and third place. 

  • Winner — Rajesh John
  • Second Place — Gabriele Andriulli
  • Third Place — Josue Fabiano
  • Fourth Place — Harold ‘King Kong’ Kelley 
  • Fifth Place — Gaylon Grigsby
  • Sixth Place — Bradley Betts 
  • Seventh Place — Leonard Harmon

*Rajesh John was honored with the Wheelchair Award by Arnold Schwarzenegger on Day 2. 

Rajesh John
Rajesh John


2024 Arnold Classic Scorecards

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2024 Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Scorecard
Classic Physique Scorecard
Classic Physique Scorecard
Bikini Scorecard
Bikini Scorecard
Fitness International Scorecard
Fitness International Scorecard
2024 Ac Wellness Scorecard
Wellness Scorecard


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