If you think you are going to get real pharma grade HGH in its original packaging without a prescription in the USA or Canada from domestic delivery then you are very naive. You can see by yourself how all the basic devices without labels is being sold on Alibaba from China only for anyone who wants to fake genos… genuine products are highly restricted in their countries of origin however anyone with a fakenprescription  could get it but would never pass US or Canadian customs in original packaging… if you are lucky you just bought generic HGH at the price of the original, just another form of scam.

Aristimuqoh only carries well-known brand names, so much so that the manufacturer has protected the authenticity of their products with various codes and security holograms with which you can verify. Now some brands have been counterfeited mostly for their popularity due to is easier for sale… this does not scape human pharma-grade either ugl products… We are going to refer to some of the products listed on this site, for example, products made by Pharmacom Labs, Spectrum Pharma and Landerland we have a large line of products directly from the only one authorized dealer.


You can note that vials have a different prolonged shape, not like our vials have. Caps have no embedded Pharmacom logo on them. We are not sure, what codes are used there and whether there are any. If yes, counterfeiters could copy one genuine working code to multiple vials. If you try checking such a code on their site, their system will warn you that your code was checked many times, which most probably means you have a fake product. Be careful and don’t buy from doubtful sources mostly domestic delivery with very good pricing! cheaper sometimes is the more pricey. My personal advice is if you would not trust yet then ask for the ampules version of this brand, they have a 10 ml vial and amp version for each one of their products but amps are harder to counterfeit.

Genuine products come with several security measures to guarantee you can verify their authenticity.

Protection Code.

Security Hologram Sticker.

Caps have embedded with logo.

Landerland Gold Premium Series have holograms in labels, Caps and have an embedded Landerland logo.

Spectrum Pharma also has a verification secret code to authentic with them directly in

Indufar Labs. is a legitimate Human Pharma Grade Co. that put several security ways in their products in order to confirm their authenticity, check out their Decadurabolin in the following video.

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