Written by Nikhil Sharma

Bodybuilder Blessing Awodibu emerged as a promising Men’s Open prospect in the last few years. In a recent post made on Instagram, Blessing shared a huge physique update showing off his insane back in the off-season.

Blessing Awodibu first gained attention for his mass and overall structure as an IFBB Pro Men’s Open competitor in 2021. He turned in a strong performance at the Indy Pro, finishing in third place. His next appearance saw him turn heads at the New York Pro. He held his own against the likes of Hassan Mostafa, Dorian Haywood, and Justin Rodriguez, on his way to a sixth-place finish.

Blessing made his way to the 2022 Indy Pro to kick off last season. He left the fans in awe of his impressive package and claimed gold impressively. Then, he put the division on notice with a dominant performance at the 2022 New York Pro.. After a stellar season, Blessing was looking to capitalize on the momentum in his maiden showing at the 2022 Mr. Olympia contest.

’The Boogeyman’ joined forces with bodybuilding legend Kai Greene for a brutal shoulder workout six weeks from the last Olympia. Considering the similarities between both athletes, it’s no surprise they got along well. Greene praised Blessing’s potential and backed him to do well. The pair partnered again a few weeks later for a fierce back and hamstrings training session. Greene stressed the importance of having neurological awareness to enhance rear poses.

‘The Boogieman’ developed a reputation for his hot takes. He ignited a rivalry with rising sensation Michal Krizo in the build-up to the Olympia. He also fired shots at Nick Walker, who ended up in third. Ultimately, Blessing missed the mark and placed 16th at the Olympia last December.

Blessing was planning to compete at the 2023 Arnold Classic. However, he chose to pull out of the show to give his body more time to recover following a strenuous season.

Blessing Awodibu shares huge off-season physique update

In a recent Instagram post, Blessing Awodibu shared an insanely jacked physique update, highlighting his wide back. He revealed this is the heaviest he’s ever been and will start prep in another six weeks.

Blessing Awodibu suffered a health scare earlier this year. He narrowly escaped an injury while performing a lower body training session. At the time, he was focused on acquiring mass and maximizing his fullness before entering prep.

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