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Please read this entire page before proceeding with your order.

If you inquire about something that is covered in this exert then we will simply refer you to this page.


Our hosting location is not in the US or Europe, we are located in a country that has been denied access to US government agencies, it would also be permanently removed any info about order once it has reach the completed status.

Why do we have more time than anyone in this business? Because our main priority is to offer safe delivery, without that there is no point in offering the best products or good prices, since seizures bring problems to you and losses to us. Also, this brings additional stress to your life, after more than 24 years we have learned how to handle customs successfully…so just relax while we take care of all that…

If you have not placed an order yet then makes the homework and verify references before, there are a lot out there after more than 20 years in the biz.


ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED THROUGH THE WEBSITE, USING THE SHOPPING CART. However,  also we are taking orders through our email (only bitcoins payment method is accepted through email)

it’s not allowed to test orders just to proceed to collect the info.

You will automatically be charged the full flat rate shipping fee if you are purchasing items from US and International warehouses, as these are separate shipments.

Email clients such as Hotmail and AOL tend to send these to your spam/junk folder, so we advise adding our email addresses to your contacts list to avoid this from happening. Please DO NOT use email clients Yahoo or iCloud, as you may not receive any response from us at all!

Order Status:

”Pending’‘ – Order has been placed, awaiting payment.

“On Hold” – Payment has not been submitted to us and still you have a chance to edit your order.

”Processing” – Payment has been received by us and we are working on the packaging..

”Completed” – Order has been shipped. (once you have it received all the info will be deleted permanently)

Upon ordering and receiving payment details, you have 48 HOURS  to complete your payment submission, past this point your order will no longer be valid.

Question: Why should I order from Aristimuqoh?

Because after more than 20 years in the business we are the most solid source out there and we can guarantee the best products and a 100% safe delivery.  Only We carry well-known brand names, so much so that the manufacturer has protected the authenticity of their products with various codes and security holograms with which you can verify directly. Part of our job is to make you comfortable and confident in the whole process since you place the order until you have received the package. Personalized attention. Check out real reviews from sites where the reviews can not be bought..Click  here

Question: I registered on the website but cannot log in for some reason…?

Once registered you need to verify your account with a link sent via email, make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

QuestionHow I can trust authenticity?   Click here

QuestionHow to order?   Click here.

Question: Payment methods?   Click here.

Question: What happens if customs open the package? 

Nothing happens since customs won’t find anything wrong!  We have almost 25 years in the business and we know perfectly how make a safe packaging in order to guarantee a safe delivery… We leave nothing to chance!!

Question: I placed an order, but I forgot to add an item – can I add it to my cart?

If your order status is still ‘Pending’ and you haven’t completed payment for the order, then we can add items to your order, if such items are available. You must wait for us to confirm the items have been added before you complete payment.
If your order is   ‘Processing’  then we cannot add anything to your order, or make ANY amendments whatsoever!

Question: Do You have any reship policy?    Click here.

Question: How successful is delivery?

We ensure that all packages are shipped with maximum discretion.  We have a unique packaging method to guarantee (100%) a safe delivery… All the products are packed with extreme care and precaution.

Questiondo I have to sign for the package?

Most of the time, you don’t have to sign for receipt, you can ask for a telephone confirmation of delivery.

Question: Why I don’t have access?

We have a restricted area just for members, this is a free area but just for known members…
Once registered if you want to have access to those areas you will need to contact us and gives us some refs about you..


SHIPPING:   (Delivery guaranteed)         
Aristimuqoh orders are delivered Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. Although every order is unique, shipping costs won’t vary in spite of the size, weight, and destination of your chosen items… Maybe your order could be dispatched in two or more shipments in order to keep a small package…  EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE and regular mail are using depending of warehouse so there is diferent time around.

We cannot be held accountable if incorrect or insufficient shipping information was provided. Be sure there are no Typing Errors or mistakes. Once your order is confirmed you CAN NOT change or request for it to be shipped to a different address.

*Make sure that the address to ship has not been flagged by customs before.

Europe: 5-10 working days
USA : 3-5 working days
Asia: 10-12 working days
(we don’t ship to Italy, Australia, and New Zeland)
If you have chosen items from different warehouses (US and International) the shipping rates will be added automatically as these are separate shipments.Intl. Warehouse 1 (DHL) 64 US$  Time around 5-7 days *
Intl. Warehouse 3 (regular mail) 65 US$  Time around 15 – 20 days *US Warehouse East Coast 35 US$ Time around 3-5 days *US Warehouse Central  35 US$ Time around 3.5 days *

  • Time around to The States

After placing an order, you will receive an email from us containing all the details of your purchase. We may also be in touch if we need further information to verify your payment.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated with tracking information and estimated arrival dates. You can also follow the delivery progress under ‘My Orders’ in your Aristimuqoh account.

INFO needed to ship your package
? Name
? Address to ship (street and number) *
? Phone number
? City, Estate, zip code, Country

We have an excellent success rate of 100%) in clearing customs and we will always do everything possible to ensure you receive your order, however, we DO NOT under any circumstances take responsibility for Customs seizures! We also do not take any responsibility for delivery’s damaged, delayed or lost by international postal services. See our full ‘Terms & Conditions’.

Once the order is COMPLETED all the info will be permanently deleted

If you place a big order we will split it into small packages in order to make it safest and discreet, that without additional charge… Our main goal is your security and keep the success rate of 100% delivery.

–   Only work with products related to Bodybuilding.
–  All products are shipped in original packaging. Original boxes are discarded for obvious reasons when products come from our intl. warehouse 1. (Express Shipping)
    (You will receive a pic or video of your order in the packaging process identified with your # order)
– Our main objective is your satisfaction and safety.
– You can to verify our references in any discussion board about bodybuilding.
Secrets I use to guarantee mail order success.MINIMUM ORDER?We have a mínimum order of    299 US$


Contact us via the contact page on our site, only ONE submission is necessary and we will generally answer you within 24 hours – given the information is not already stated on this page and requires personal attention. We can take slightly longer to reply to inquiries on weekends and holiday periods.

  • The minimum allowed order total value is $299.00. Please consider increasing the quantity in your cart.
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