‘The Mutant’ and Eriya joined down syndrome bodybuilder Kyle Landi for an action-packed pose down in Canada at the Pure Muscle Championships.

Written by Doug Murray

The 2023 bodybuilding season is heating up with guest-posing appearances. Last weekend, Nick Walker and Quinton Eriya stole the show in an epic pose down with down syndrome bodybuilder Kyle Landi on stage in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. 

Fans and athletes are now one month removed from the recent 2023 Arnold Classic, which concluded in controversy. The finals saw Nick Walker, Andrew Jacked, and Samson Dauda fighting for gold. In the end, Dauda’s hand was raised, denying ‘The Mutant’s’ bid of becoming a two-time champion.

Shortly after the event took place in Columbus, Ohio, fans and veterans of the sport dissected the results. Samir Bannout and Chris Aceto, two prominent names in the industry, took issue with the outcome. Specifically, Bannout was perplexed by Dauda’s perfect scorecard throughout prejudging and finals. Even though some have contested the outcome, Walker has pleaded with fans to move on in a respectful manner.


On the other hand, Quinton Eriya took the rest of the 2022 season away from action after two IFBB Pro League shows. Last year, Eriya started off with a third-place finish at the Tampa Pro. Later that month, he returned to the Texas Pro, finishing fifth. He faced a stiff lineup in Irving, Texas, where he fell behind the winner Chinedu Andrew ‘Jacked’ Obiekea, Martin Fitzwater, Steve Kuclo, and Kamal Elgargni.

While enjoying their respective off-seasons, Eriya and Walker took part in a guest-posing appearance in Canada. They participated with Kyle Landi, a down syndrome athlete who refuses to let any obstacles stop him from bodybuilding. 

Nick Walker, Quinton Eriya, Kyle Landi Take Over Canada with Memorable Guest Posing Routine

On the first weekend of April, Antoine Vaillant, Walker, Eriya, and Landi put on a show in Mississauga, Ontario. Many diehard bodybuilding fans were quick to draw attention to the size disparity between Eriya and Walker.

“Best part of the night, Kyle has the biggest heart, literally loves life, loves working hard, when he sets his mind on something he gives it everything he has and I couldn’t be happier to have shared this moment with him. Kyle if you read this, your the real hero here.” Nick Walker wrote.


You can find more posts and clips below: 






This won’t be Nick Walker’s only high-profile guest posing appearance in 2023. The 28-year-old will join a star-studded lineup at Jim Manion’s Pittsburgh Pro in May. As it stands, Walker will pose in the company of former 212 Olympia Derek Lunsford, former two-time champ Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay, 2023 Arnold Classic winner Samson Dauda, Shaun Clarida, and Hunter Labrada.

Many believe the Pittsburgh Pro sets the tone for the rest of the bodybuilding season. Last year, Lunsford and Nick Walker dominated the stage. Shortly thereafter, Lunsford was offered a special invitation to compete in the Men’s Open by Olympia organizers, which he took full advantage of after placing second to Hadi Choopan.

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Fans are excited to see the bodybuilding calendar unfold in 2023. If Eriya brings up his back and dials in conditioning, some believe his aesthetic shape and structure could spell bad news for athletes who depend on freak factor like Walker.

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