Cabergoline 0.25mg


Cabergoline 0.25mg


Prolactin inhibitor
1 Pack (10 pills x 0.25 mg)

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Cabergoline and bromocriptine are among the most commonly used drugs to treat prolactinoma. Cabergoline is a long-acting dopamine receptor agonist which might offer advantages over bromocriptine. However, it is not clear if this translates into clinical benefits. Searching in Epistemonikos database, which is maintained by screening 30 databases, we identified two systematic reviews including 12 studies addressing the question of this article, including five randomized controlled trials. We combined the evidence using meta-analysis and generated a summary of findings following the GRADE approach. We concluded cabergoline is more effective than bromocriptine in resolution of amenorrhea/oligomenorrhea and galactorrhea, it probably increases pregnancy rate, and it is associated to less adverse effects. It is not clear whether cabergoline is also more effective with respect to tumor growth because the certainty of the evidence is very low.


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