Dostinex 2 tabs/0,5mg


Dostinex 2 tabs/0,5mg


Cabergoline 2tab/0,5mg


Dostinex is generally used in the remedy of Parkinson’s disorder. it is also called Cabergoline / Cabaser. Parkinson’s is resulting from a deficiency of a chemical inside the mind referred to as dopamine. Dostinex works by using improving the impact of dopamine hence reversing a lot of those signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s ailment. Dostinex also has been used efficaciously for:

The remedy of hyperprolactinemic problems, pituitary adenomas (tumors) & prolactinomas.
Dostinex restored testosterone tiers and increases libido (sex power).
Dostinex stops excessive lactation.
Dostinex is correctly used to treat stressed Legs Syndrom (RLS).
Dostinex (Cabergoline) inside the remedy ofacromegaly.
Dostinex improves power loss and fatigue.
Dostinex has been shown to be very beneficial in treating Parkinson’s Desease.

Dostinex Bodybuilding Benefits

Cabergoline is the primary ingredient of Dostinex pills. Cabergoline is basically the main aspect of dopamine agonist. every now and then this remedy is available inside the market without any logo call. The substance of the steroid essentially mimics the activities of a brain-substance named dopamine.




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