Explosive Power Bulking Cycle


Explosive Power Bulking Cycle

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2 x Ultima-Enan 250 – Ultima Pharmaceuticals [10 ml x 250 mg/ml]
2 x Ultima-Tren Hexa 100 – Ultima Pharmaceuticals [10 ml x 100 mg/ml]
3 x Ultima-Dbol 25 – Ultima Pharmaceuticals [50 pills x 25 mg]
1 x Ultima-Clomid – Ultima Pharmaceuticals [50 pills x 50 mg]
2 x Ultima-Clen-Salbuto – Ultima Pharmaceuticals [50 pills x 2 mg]



Rigid bulking cycle for aggressive and explosive power. The combo beats any other steroid cycle in terms of the intensity and quality of gains. Stack fit the athletes who are always seeking maximum results. Steroids have a pronounced synergy and powerfully enhance the action of each drug separately.

Trenbolone has the highest anabolic activity and paired with Dianabol pills provides tremendous growth of neat muscles. Testosterone greatly enhances the anabolic rate and reduces the progestin activity of trenbolone. Test + Tren + Dbol is designed for athletes with experience and is not recommended as the first cycle. To the end, there will be an increase in about 20lbs of dry stable muscles.

Ultima-Enan 250: 250-500 mg / week
Ultima-Tren Hexa 100: 300 mg / week – maximum
Ultima-Dbol 25: 25-50 mg / day
PCT: Ultima-Clomid and Ultima-Clen-Salbuto for 4 weeks

We are not professionals and under no circumstances should our advice be taken as so or over the instructions of a professional, we are simply sharing experience.

Please be informed that ARISTIMUQOH do NOT assume any responsibility for the eventual issues during the cycle, wrong administration of the products or results.


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