Box 1 vial
Each vial contains:

GHRP-6 10mg


GHRP-6 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides-6) is a peptide hormone of the class of growth hormone (GH). GHRP-6 is a 6 amino acid peptide that stimulates the natural secretion of growth hormone in the body. It is one of the most powerful peptides in the GHRP family. The goal of GHRP-6, as well as all related peptides, is to increase the amount of natural GH production in the body.

Dosage and Administration GHRP-6 is a fine white powder in a vial to be mixed with bacteriostatic water. The powder should be stored in dry and cool rooms without direct sunlight. The solution should be used with subcutaneous injection into the body fat using a very small needle or intramuscular injection with a suitable one. Once combined in solution, GHRP-6 should be stored in a refrigerator (between 2 and 8 ° C / 36 ° F and 46 ° F) because the amino acid chain is likely to disintegrate and affect its effectiveness. Doses should be given daily, with 2-3 injections being optimal. The total daily dose may vary from 50 to 500 mg depending on individual needs. If another growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH), such as CJC, is used, the total amount of GHRP-6 required will be reduced in the range of 50-150 mg per dose. It is important that the peptide be administered on an empty stomach when the blood sugar level is low, after the injection of GHRP-6 it is necessary not to consume food within 30-60 minutes. Each vial of GHRP-6 loses its efficacy after 4 weeks of opening the vial.




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