HGH ZPtrop 80 IU KIT


HGH ZPtrop 80 IU KIT


HGH ZPtrop 80 IU Kit By Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical
5 vials of 5.3mg (16 IU) somatropin(rDMA origin)
1 vial 12 ml of sterile bacterostatic diluent


ZPtrop is a human growth hormone (somatotropin). It is created artificially in laboratories by modifying natural raw materials using genetic engineering methods. The pharmacological form of growth hormone is a white powder. In order to use it, the powder should be diluted with a solution of novocaine. In general, it is a unique drug, so it is expensive. If you make a competent application and a reasonable dosage of the drug, it will give an excellent effect and justify your expenses.
ZPtrop growth hormone increases the metabolic processes and accelerates the building of muscle mass. This means that a large amount of protein is used for building and increasing muscle mass. Thus, a small amount of fat is accumulated in the body. An additional effect of the drug is an increase in skin tone, strengthening of bones and ligaments. It also acts as a fat burner.




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