Letrozole 2,5mg


Letrozole 2,5mg


30 tabs,/ 25 mg.


Letrozole is an antitumor agent, a non-steroidal selective inhibitor of the aromatase enzyme. Widely used in medicine as a part of post-menopausal therapy in women and breast cancer treatment. Among athletes gained recognition for strong anti-estrogenic properties and raised muscle definition. Like Anastroloze(Arimidex), its effect is up to 5 times stronger, eliminating adverse reactions from anabolic steroid use. Letrozole can suppress estrogen levels in the body, almost wholly shielding from raised estradiol levels.

By using Letrozole athletes can almost wholly suppress estrogen level in the body and protects themselves against aromatization.

The most common side effects attributed to Letrozole are skin rash, nausea, abdominal pain, fatigue, dizziness, headache, raised Low-density cholesterol levels and liver enzymes.

Preliminary blood test should be conducted before using Letrozole. Results in colossal estradiol reduction and increasing the effectiveness of your cycle. Letrozole served as an anti-estrogenic drug and was used as a part of PCT.

Letrozole is most effective during PCT but can be stacked with clomiphene or other steroids as a part of the cycle.


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