PHARMA TEST 100 (Testosterone base)


PHARMA TEST 100 (Testosterone base)

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100 mg

10ml Vial


Testosterone Base is a 100% pure testosterone solution, not a testosterone suspension. This is because the Testosterone crystals are in an oil and solvent solution rather than water. Nobody wants to inject crystals. So when you inject Test Base, your blood Testosterone levels rise quickly and decrease quicker than aqueous Testosterone suspension. Test Base is probably the quickest Testosterone product available today. Test Base may also be injected using extremely fine needles. Because Test Base has no crystals, it may be administered with an insulin syringe. Test Base is excellent for pre-workouts, powerlifting, and strength I suggest two hours of Test Base pre-training to improve aggressiveness and power.

Testosterone Base is a testosterone injectable steroid with no ester attached. It is pure testosterone with no ester attached, therefore no ester weight is computed. Instead of 100 mg minus the weight of the ester, Testosterone Base contains 100 mg of the steroid. Very strong and potent. Despite its simplicity, this chemical is very powerful. Testosterone Base is the most prevalent and fundamental anabolic hormone. Because of this, many bodybuilders use it as a foundation steroid. Testosterone Base is anabolic androgenic. This steroid enhances libido and sex desire, as well as muscular growth and strength.

Estrogen accumulation and adverse effects may be a concern for individuals sensitive to these issues or using large doses of this chemical. The use of anti-estrogens such Anastrozole, Proviron, and Tamoxifen with Testosterone Base can reduce the risk of estrogen associated adverse effects. Stronger anti-estrogens like Letrozole or Exemestane may be better for sensitive users or those taking large dosages (800-1200mgs). Testosterone Base may cause androgenic side effects including greasy skin.

To bulk up, bodybuilders frequently stack Testosterone Base with Deca 250 and/or Boldenone 200.

The male bodybuilder’s dose of this steroid is usually 400-1200mg per week, with cycles lasting 8-20 weeks depending on the athlete’s objectives. Women benefit from weekly dosages of 50-100mg.

You may have heard of the Testosterone base if you are a dedicated bodybuilder or gym goer. It is a very efficient version of testosterone. Test Base is ester-free and in MCT oil. It is best taken as a pre-workout stimulant.




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