PRO-Fighter – Strength Endurance Cycle

PRO-Fighter – Strength Endurance Cycle


1 x Ultima-Enan 250 – Ultima Pharmaceuticals [10 ml x 250 mg/ml]
3 x Ultima-Bold – Ultima Pharmaceuticals [10 ml x 250 mg/ml]
2 x Ultima-Clen-Salbuto – Ultima Pharmaceuticals [50 pills x 2 mg]
1 x Ultima-Nolva – Ultima Pharmaceuticals [50 pills x 20 mg]



Safe stack for moderate bulks and strength endurance. This is one of the few cycles that can maintain speed and stamina in boxing and contact sports. Boldenone is the main anabolic of the stack, it’s not as fast-acting as testosterone. EQ gains can be described as defined and solid. To avoid excessive estrogen problems and water retention on cycle, use Testosterone Propionate.

Testosterone is a good base, it is the secondary steroid in this stack, so it suffices to minimum dosages. Testosterone and Boldenone is a safe mix, these steroids are not toxic to the liver. It does not require Aromatase Inhibitors during cycle. You can expect up to 16 pounds of high-quality muscles in 8 weeks. Test + EQ is safe and good for moderate muscle gains and support of high speed levels.

Ultima-Enan 250: 250 mg / week
Ultima-Bold : 600-800 mg / week
PCT: Ultima-Nolva and Ultima-Clen-Salbuto for 3 weeks

We are not professionals and under no circumstances should our advice be taken as so or over the instructions of a professional, we are simply sharing experience.

Please be informed that ARISTIMUQOH do NOT assume any responsibility for the eventual issues during the cycle, wrong administration of the products or results.


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