TESTENAT DEPOT (Test Enanthate 250 mg/mL)


TESTENAT DEPOT (Test Enanthate 250 mg/mL)

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10 ml vial
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Bodybuilding Advantages

First, administering Testosterone Enanthate increases protein synthesis. Let us explain what this is and does for those who are unaware. Protein is the main component of muscle tissue, and synthesis is the pace at which our cells create proteins. Injecting Testosterone Enanthate speeds up synthesis. The consequence is increased Anabolic activity. With Testosterone Enanthate, your body will recover from hard exercises much quicker. A bonus for dedicated exercisers.

Second, increasing nitrogen retention reduces muscle loss while on a calorie restricted diet. Keeping a positive nitrogen balance protects lean tissue better than using Testosterone Enanthate. Experienced steroid users know that we need oxygen to push through lengthy, intense gym workouts. Enanthate injections increase red blood cell count and muscle endurance. This contributes to longer healing periods.

As if they aren’t enough reasons to inject this steroid, there are a few more. Test Enanthate increases insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (a naturally produced protein hormone, peptide class, that is primarily produced by the liver). This Anabolic hormone impacts virtually every cell in the body. IGF-1 affects muscular tissue, cartilage, neurons, tendons, ligaments, and even our central nervous system.

The injections also suppress glucocorticoids. Naturally occurring steroidal hormones that cause fat growth and muscle loss. A bodybuilder or athlete never wants to go through this. By inhibiting this hormone and preventing weight gain, Testosterone Enanthate promotes a more anabolic environment inside the body. For best results, injecting Testosterone Enanthate or any other steroid should be done in conjunction with proper nutrition and exercise.


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