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Pro-Superdrol – trademark of anabolic steroid Methyldrostanolone.

Also called Metasteron, this steroid is a powerful oral anabolic agent, which was never produced as a commercial medical product.

Its chemical structure is very similar to Masteron (Drostanolone).

The only difference – the addition being 17 alpha-methyl group, a modification that gives this steroid a highly availability by oral administration.

In many cases, with 17 alpha-alkylation, it changes the nature of the steroid, in this case this does not happen.

Like its parent Drostanolone – aromatizing, so there is no estrogenic difference in these two steroids. Neither should not produce the side effects of estrogen. In addition, both steroids remain with very favorable ratio of anabolic effect of androgen.

Laboratory tests have shown that its anabolic activity is 4 times higher than that of oral Methyltestosterone and its relationship to androgenic anabolic effect of 20:1.

Masteron tests, as shown, that it is as powerful as an anabolic agent as Testosterone, but only 25-40% of androgens. It is – still a very good anabolic steroid, but by all accounts its rate is 3:1 instead of 20:1.

The effective Pro-Superdrol dosage seems to start in the range of 10-20mg per day for men. At this dosage level, it provides good anabolic effect which is usually accompanied by loss of fat and muscle expression appearance. But do not expect to obtain 10-15 kg with this steroid, growth is mostly 5-7 kg of quality weight if used solo.

In determining the optimum daily dosage, some do find that the drug is more effective in the range of up to 30mg. At higher dosage begins to develop the potential hepatotoxicity of the drug. In many cases, the best choice would be to use Pro-Superdrol at 20mg per day + any non-toxic injectable steroid (Nandrolone or Boldenone).

You can consider the possibility of using injectable Primobolan or Trenbolone for such cycles, instead of adding 17-alpha alkylated anabolic steroids.

Since this steroid has a very high ratio of the anabolic effect of androgen, it may be interesting for representatives of women’s bodybuilders. Pro-Superdrol is less androgenic than the majority of popular Winstrol and Primobolan. The closest to it is Anavar (Oxandrolone), which according to some ratio of anabolic and androgenic effect is 30:1.

However, this steroid deserves interest. The main point of the problems with the use of women may be the dosage that is too high (10mg per tablet) Women are better to experiment with 1-2mg per day.

Admittedly not a comfortable experience, but nevertheless it will be effective. As with all steroids, there is a danger of virilization.

When using 17 alpha alkylation oral steroids is necessary to bear in mind the possibility of liver damage. For the most, Pro-Superdrol best cycle is 4-6 weeks in length, that does not prevent some bodybuilders to use it for 8 consecutive weeks. This is due to the fact that among bodybuilders is widely believed that Pro-Superdrol is less toxic to the liver than Oxymetholone, Dianabol and Winstrol.

We can tell you with little confidence that this is – a lie!

Pro-Superdrol – really powerful oral anabolic steroid, it is an effective drug with a very favorable ratio of anabolic to androgenic effect, but also there is a significant possibility of liver damage in the event of misuse.



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