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Methenolone Enanthate 100mg/ml

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Primobolan is a moderate anabolic steroid. First, methenolone acetate was produced in the form of injections, but later it was also available in tablets. Androgenic activity of this steroid is very low, similar to its anabolic activity. No significant bulk increase can be expected with it. In low season, it is better to use more active drugs and reserve primobolan for pre-competition preparation. In addition, this drug should be used by those who are afraid of side effects. Primobolan is not c-17-alpha-alkylated, thus, it is not hepatotoxic. Unfortunately, с-1- alkylation does not protect it properly from degradation, that is why it can be used in a greater dose than other steroids.

In addition, primobolan is not aromatized, which means there is no danger of estrogenic side effects. It is very useful for competitive athletes, as primobolan does not cause accumulation of water or fat. There is no danger of gynecomastia, either.

In therapeutic doses, primobolan does not cause inhibition of own testosterone, however, there are exceptions for athletes who uses much greater doses. After the course or during it, injections of gonadotropin will be required. It may be noted that primobolan has a low level of androgenic activity, though at rather high doses side effects, such as fatty glands and acne, may develop.

Primobolan is one of most safe oral drugs. Women, elderly athletes and youth may find this steroid the best one for their experiments.

Daily dose for men: 75-150 mg. It is better to use primobolan with other drugs, such as non-aromatizing androgens, for example, halotest or trenbolone, to get more quality bulk.

When it is used with metandrostenolon or oxymetholone , bulk gain will be rather significant, but somewhat watery.

Among women, primobolan is one of most widely used drugs. In this case, its dosage is 50-75 mg a day. It can be also combined with oxandrolon or stanozolol. However, do not abuse it, as at high doses this product may cause virilization




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